it’s late, i’m WORN OUT

April 8, 2011

it’s embarrassing to admit, but i’ll do it anyways:  i forget how talented some of the friends/people/strangers we live amongst truly are. i forget that the same people waiting for their latte behind me at Stumptown or gettin’ their Tecates pulled at last call are also creating so passionately, so solidly, very impressive art in any form. i hate that i forget this. slap me!

what jogged my memory this time is The Stranger sponsored local fashion show Worn Out happening tonight. most of these (young) insanely talented designers are hill faces you see everyday. they balance bomb fashion ideas with living day to day on the hill just like all of us but, perhaps most remarkable to me, THEY KNOW HOW TO SEW. i seriously can’t even fix a button. ugh.

i was asked to help out two friends featured in the show and i’m just hoping I don’t fall on my fucking face and ruin everything. because that’s what i do. (sorry chris jones and ramona barnes in advance-you guys are too cool to be friends with me). ALAS, i am very, very excited for the both of them.

the show is sold out, so you can’t go, but check out what these badasses are up to when they’re not out just like the rest of us. you can always stand outside the ACT theater and show your boobs for some tickets? maybe?

cheers designers. looks like it’s going to be a good one.



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