February 17, 2011

I Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the drink of gods, i am Capri-Sun. I may be divinely refreshing but we are not so different, you and I.

Like you, dear Capitol Hill, i too heard the din of the protesters as they took to the streets last night.

I struggled as you did, to hear my own perfect thoughts above the bleat of the copters above.

I was listening to the police scanner last night as i do every night to help assuage the bitter loneliness that sits at the core of my being , when i heard an unnamed officer refer to the protesters as “Anarchists”.

Besides being a silly thing to say; i couldn’t help but agree. I could hear the rabble pour across the radio, sounded pretty disheveled if you ask me.

Lying down in the street may be fine for some climates, but this is February in Seattle, there is nothing to be gained in getting all mucky.

Surely if the voices of dissent wished to accomplish anything they would have auto tuned their chants and added a slamming back beat.

I propose a do over. something festive and sassy to show the depth of feeling.

Crossing the riot line is one thing but wouldn’t the impact be greatly enhanced by some sort of showy dance number?

I’m inclined to the idea of blaring Seal’s masterpiece “Crazy”. His lyrics lend well to pantomime, just saying.

I’m picturing costumes and a beer garden. at the very least drink tickets. Me, I think I’ll stick to staying in and listening on the ole scanner with a Capri-Sun in hand.