for far too long, we have used our investigative journalism skills to patrol your profiles, whether they’re flickr, myspace or facebook for embarrassing photobooth strips to be used for photobooth tuesday.

while we love nothing more than snickering at your drunken expressions or marveling at those pouted puckers, it’s come time when we confess that y’all have stopped sending us strips to post and we’re sick of resulting to our sneaky ways. ok, that and it’s technically illegal (fair use/copyright infringement – bah!) to pillage and post your pics without your permission.

graffiti wednesday has been done, photobooth tuesday has been laid to rest. so we’re hoping to start a new photo-based tradition. what would you like to see?

we were thinking something to do with sweet ride fridays (pics of pimp-my-ride mobiles – bikes, lemons or actually sweet rides) or polaroid thursdays (showcasing your dope-a-lope polariods shot all about of anything we think looks sharp).



if you’re anything like me, you’d sooner spend $27 on a whole kitchen ensemble a la value village than mimic our belltown gal “pals” to get those acrylics filled and those footsies a’rubbin.

however, as i look down at my nails – flaked with tinkles of nail polish applied an embarrassingly long time ago – i realize that sometimes you have to indulge. if this sounds like a familiar scene and you need a professional to come to the rescue then it looks like swoon spa’s daily deal is right for the both of us.

for today*, they’re offering: manicure + pedicure = $27!

since it joined our neck of the woods, i have certainly avoided eye contact with swoon spa, let alone considered entering this swanky spot. however, if this isn’t the deal to finally say ‘welcome’ then i don’t know what is.

indulge bitches, you deserve it.

i realize you gents likely could care less, but if you have a special lady that could use some tlc, may as well treat them to a solid deal that will make them think you spent a whole hellofalot more than you actually did.

*you only have to buy today, you can go anytime within the next year.

❤ pumpkin

looks like myself and fellow zipsters (zipcar members) are in luck, as zipcar wants to be our valentine. that’s right, in the e-mail they just blasted to all capitol hill members:

If you’re one of the first 50 Zipsters to stop into the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St) tomorrow (Saturday, February 13) and flash your Zipcard, you’ll score a free cupcake. And, from 1 – 3pm, be sure to bring along a friend (or that person you’re hoping to land a date with for Valentine’s Day) ’cause we’ll be signing up new Zipcar members — and giving both you and the person you referred $50 driving credit once they’re approved.

as thought he zipcar e-mails aren’t entertaining enough – and for you non-members, let me tell you that they are – this is awesome!



feb. 4: jenga & juice

February 3, 2010

it’s that time of the month again. no, not that time of the month–we’re talkin jenga & juice time! our monthly tradition ensues with a very, berry captothehill happy hour this thursday at the clubhouse.

what’s that you say? you’ve got superbowl planning on the brain? tough snuff kiddos…you’re only in it for the commercials anyways. truth be told, not everyone knows what it’s like to win the most epic game of national football; however, you can know what it’s like to kick your neighbor’s ass at a round or four of jennnnnga!

whether it’s been the winter blues or drizzly skies, we’ve missed many of your faces in the last two months and aren’t sure if you even like the event. if you do, come show us…and your liver some love and get your jenga playin drank on.

here is the usual flyer ‘o deets:

see you there!

xo, pumpkin

there’s nothing like browsing the local scene for photobooth pictures and finding one of your boss at cha cha. awesome! skanks and jerks, behold:

cheers, sparktography.

1. your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all.

than brothers for food, bauhaus for drink and anywhere that has whiskey for whiskey.

2. your “alternative brand identity” prop. the one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are. examples: red bandana, backstreet boy sweatshirt, turntables.

loose button up shirts. tucked in and sleeves rolled.

3. the show line-up of your dreams: who is it, where is it at and what would you be on?

who: junior senior, hot chip and yacht (i like-ah to dance) on new year’s eve… somewhere, on champagne.

4. you’re hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is _________ night so you are of course going out. where ya going, you lush?

a bar. any bar. except for barca.

5. a classic survey question: sum up your capitol hill in three words.

hurts so good.

jan 7th: JENGA & JUICE

January 6, 2010

don’t forget, tomorrow is our monthly happy hour at the the clubhouse. the food is cheap, the drinks are cheap and the games are to be had.

get hip and we’ll see you tomorrow!

these photobooth strips sure are becoming laborious. i hit an all time low, logged into our blog’s myspace and stalked your profiles until i find a recent photobooth pic worth redistributing:

you gals are as cute as a button. while i don’t know any brave soul willing to sport the tank is january, you both have incredible-enough hair to stop my questions.

thanks for the pic mea

capitol hill is already giving us a reason to rejoice the new year. sound transit took down that bufugly light installation for the someday light rail station today.

with all due respect to the artist, dan corson, that sore-eyed sight will not be something i’ll miss. frankly, i never understood what it was there for and frequently referenced it as an ‘urban christmas tree lot’ to my friends. i can confess that it was mildly attractive at night; however, in the daylight it looked absolutely horrendous.

i’m wondering what’s next for that hot spot – more ugly art? barren nothingness for the next six years?  i bet mom will know.

inspired by seattle powerhouse food borne illness attorney bill marler’s breakdown of naughty vs nice breakdown for last year, i wanted to compile a little naughty and nice list of my own.

it’s been an epic year for our beloved capitol hill, here’s how the events of 2009 brokedown in this pumpkin’s opinion:


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