April 26, 2011

The last two times I found myself at the Eagle I fell in love–once with my boyfriend, the other with Glitterbang. I mean, I didn’t FALL IN LOVE with Glitterbang, but I had that feeling when I was watching them like, OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. I was dancing like a maniac. They were on a corner of the dance floor, and sometimes the guy would play guitar and piano at the same time. I can’t remember what they looked like, but I know they were wearing cool shit on their face. I just wanted to watch them & dance there forever.

Now press play & continue onward…

Glitterbang’s “Constable.”

Nicki of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Joey of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Glitterbang is playing tomorrow night at the comet. Wanna get stoned & dance? Meet me outside at 9pm. All the deets you need are here:


it’s embarrassing to admit, but i’ll do it anyways:  i forget how talented some of the friends/people/strangers we live amongst truly are. i forget that the same people waiting for their latte behind me at Stumptown or gettin’ their Tecates pulled at last call are also creating so passionately, so solidly, very impressive art in any form. i hate that i forget this. slap me!

what jogged my memory this time is The Stranger sponsored local fashion show Worn Out happening tonight. most of these (young) insanely talented designers are hill faces you see everyday. they balance bomb fashion ideas with living day to day on the hill just like all of us but, perhaps most remarkable to me, THEY KNOW HOW TO SEW. i seriously can’t even fix a button. ugh.

i was asked to help out two friends featured in the show and i’m just hoping I don’t fall on my fucking face and ruin everything. because that’s what i do. (sorry chris jones and ramona barnes in advance-you guys are too cool to be friends with me). ALAS, i am very, very excited for the both of them.

the show is sold out, so you can’t go, but check out what these badasses are up to when they’re not out just like the rest of us. you can always stand outside the ACT theater and show your boobs for some tickets? maybe?

cheers designers. looks like it’s going to be a good one.


just sayin’

April 5, 2011

APRIL shitshows bring MAnY reflections.

Mobile Monday 3.28

March 29, 2011

Wait, its tuesday? Oh well. Fashionably late as always…

Jimi got a fancy gold headband this weekend!


AH SHIT!! Now where am I going to buy my black JNCO jeans & manic panic semi-permanent vampire red hair dye???

People really still use “the club?” Really???

spring has sprung!

12th & pine 3.28.11

March 29, 2011

walking to the liquor store on 12th, I heard cheerleaders chanting for my arrival. “VOD-KA!!! VOD-KAAA!!! VOD-KA!!!”

But no. I arrived to cheers and jeers bouncing back & forth, back & forth, back & forth. a ping pong ball in my head of SPD supporters & SPD haters on opposing corners yelling chants. the whole experience made me need a drink even more than before I left on my merry little way for some booze.

two photos of the scene:


March 27, 2011

Good news guys! You can now order a bowl of delicious crickets on capitol hill! Thanks to Poquitos opening up next week on the corner of 10 & pike. What we always wanted!



In case you didn’t pick up on my sarcasm let me just tell you: this shit freaks me the fuck out. Maybe I’m just uptight, or too much of a picky eater but EW!

So I actually worked up the courage to eat one, because I thought I would regret passing up the experience later. Only to find out that I was right all along. That shit was gross.

Anyway, here are my other thoughts about the joint:
+ the guacamole was delicious.

– everything else we ate (tacos, pozole, black bean soup, the house salad) was subpar.

– samesies for the drink menu. The house marg was okay, but the other fancy pants chipotle infused jalepeno blah blah and tequila mango puree blah blah blah were all very, well, blah.

+/- mixed feelings about the space. Some friends and fellow diners pointed out that 1. The sound system sucked and 2. The acoustics of the place with “a million hand painted tiles” could get very very loud and annoying on a rowdy bridge & tunnel kinda Friday night.

+ the patio is gonna be epic! While it’s not completed (or at least wasn’t when I dined there on Friday afternoon) I am already convinced that it will be the greatest thing to infiltrate our beloved trifecta.

+ the hand made ice-pops are the best thing I consumed at Poquitos. They are amazingly cute, charming, and fun. But most importantly delicious!


Seriously tho, go visit the place when it opens up and form your own opinions because god knows I’m no expert.


March 18, 2011

why have holidays, like the one we are in enduring at this moment, have to be so gut-wrenchingly gross.

i wanted to have one beer after work before i walked home but “Tyler from Kirkland” won’t let the fact that i don’t have any green on slide. AT ALL. get out of my face asshole. drink the jameson you ordered, even though you complained you hate whiskey, and get shitfaced.

i don’t want to hate march 17th. but i do. i really do.

help japan

March 15, 2011

Some people are already butthurt over the hipster tsunami post I just put up, so in advance I would like to apologize for anyone who will be offended by the next playful post. Actually fuck that, no I’m not. You know what I have to say to you people? Loosen the fuck up & go have a drink at one of the following places:

On March 15th, Oddfellows Cafe & Bar, Smith, Lindas Seattle and King’s Hardware will be donating 100% of the proceeds from all sales to the International Medical Corps for Japan’s earthquake relief!

Now once you have a drink or two you can pick up your smart phone & do this:

Of course our hearts go out to the victims of japans earthquake.


February 17, 2011

I Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the drink of gods, i am Capri-Sun. I may be divinely refreshing but we are not so different, you and I.

Like you, dear Capitol Hill, i too heard the din of the protesters as they took to the streets last night.

I struggled as you did, to hear my own perfect thoughts above the bleat of the copters above.

I was listening to the police scanner last night as i do every night to help assuage the bitter loneliness that sits at the core of my being , when i heard an unnamed officer refer to the protesters as “Anarchists”.

Besides being a silly thing to say; i couldn’t help but agree. I could hear the rabble pour across the radio, sounded pretty disheveled if you ask me.

Lying down in the street may be fine for some climates, but this is February in Seattle, there is nothing to be gained in getting all mucky.

Surely if the voices of dissent wished to accomplish anything they would have auto tuned their chants and added a slamming back beat.

I propose a do over. something festive and sassy to show the depth of feeling.

Crossing the riot line is one thing but wouldn’t the impact be greatly enhanced by some sort of showy dance number?

I’m inclined to the idea of blaring Seal’s masterpiece “Crazy”. His lyrics lend well to pantomime, just saying.

I’m picturing costumes and a beer garden. at the very least drink tickets. Me, I think I’ll stick to staying in and listening on the ole scanner with a Capri-Sun in hand.

Okay, all you not-from-Seattle bitches.

Let’s get one thing straight (which is hard for me to do, considering the extremely high levels of GAY coursing through my blood vessels): winter in Seattle really is not the worst thing ever.

I know that it rains, a lot.  And that it’s pretty fucking cold and dark and damp for like 9 months.  And that, on the off-chance that it does snow, all hell breaks loose and the city shuts down and gets all post-apocalyptic n’ shit (did you see the abandoned metro buses during that snowstorm a couple of years back?? fucking CREEPY).

But it’s really not that bad here.  Whereas February in the rest of the country means sub-zero temperatures and thick sheets of ice complicating the weekly run to Wal-Mart, in Seattle it means one has the option of sitting on the OUTSIDE patio at Linda’s (last night, anyone?).

Yeah, this shit is mild.  Thank you Olympic and Cascade Mountains and proximity to saltwater; you create pretty good neutralizing forces such that the weather here isn’t ever that terrible.  So why the whining and moaning, all you non-native Seattle residents (and I know you all are, I like never ever meet people from Seattle in this city…)?  I mean, you did choose to move here…

Perhaps growing up here has hardened me to the long gray months, and they really are awful and I should be up on the Aurora Bridge helping construct that new suicide fence.

Or perhaps it has just become cool to bitch about the weather all the time.  Granted, I understand that sunlight is important (yes, I’ve been prescribed Vitamin D by my doctor), and that people really DO experience mental/emotional health side effects from the winter.

However, maybe instead of rolling over and pitifully looking out the window with Bon Iver on repeat, we should all GET OUR ASSES OUT OF BED and at least pretend that it’s not so cold and wet.

So, some suggestions to combat the not-really-that-awful Seattle winter:
– take yourself to a movie (Black Swan got REAL cray-cray at the end)
– after seeing Black Swan, be inspired and sign up for a dance class (yeah, I’m such a fucking tool that I actually did this…hello Beginning Ballet!)
– get a book and go READ it somewhere that is NOT your home, like in one of the million coffee shops in this town
– take a weekend vacay to another gray/wet city like Portland or Vancouver, BC to commiserate with your fellow winter sufferers (rideshare on craigslist!)

Or, actually look out the window at the torrential downpour and gale-force winds, let out one long resigned sigh and go back to bed, dammit, because today it happens to be especially nasty.