I, Barfly 3.30

March 30, 2011

This week the ladies dominated my barfly interest. Who are these beautiful vixens doing karaoke on a random nothings-going-on kinda night? Lets find out…

Alisha, 33 / Capitol Hill
Drink: vodka and diet coke “but it has to be monopolowa because it’s gotta be classy & trashy.”
Bar: redwood

Brynne, 30 / Capitol Hill
Drink: st germaine
Bar: the bar

Amber, 22 / Capitol Hill
Drink: whiskey (bushmills please) on the rocks
Bar: captain blacks

I met the last barfly while debating the location of my old apartment. Was it on capitol hill? Or technically was it first hill? It’s a close call. But Amber chimed in with this little gem: “When you fell like you’re gonna be raped or stabbed, you’re on first hill.” Gotta love a beautiful lady with a sense of humor! Thanks girls!


Mobile Monday 3.28

March 29, 2011

Wait, its tuesday? Oh well. Fashionably late as always…

Jimi got a fancy gold headband this weekend!


AH SHIT!! Now where am I going to buy my black JNCO jeans & manic panic semi-permanent vampire red hair dye???

People really still use “the club?” Really???

spring has sprung!

Spring Breakin!

March 29, 2011

I’m pretty convinced this is the BESTEST outfit ever worn…

Lydia dancing @ Neumos

Just look at her mother fuckin fanny pack!

12th & pine 3.28.11

March 29, 2011

walking to the liquor store on 12th, I heard cheerleaders chanting for my arrival. “VOD-KA!!! VOD-KAAA!!! VOD-KA!!!”

But no. I arrived to cheers and jeers bouncing back & forth, back & forth, back & forth. a ping pong ball in my head of SPD supporters & SPD haters on opposing corners yelling chants. the whole experience made me need a drink even more than before I left on my merry little way for some booze.

two photos of the scene:

why, oh why, so much drama on this corner of B way?  (Exhibit A: kids in black act cray cray. Exhibit B: week later kids in black act cray cray but don’t realize how redundant they are.)

tonight shit went down at charlie’s. GAZILLIONS of cop cars shut down traffic. CHS used their go-go-gadget skills to investigate, alluding to… some sort of po-po/civi rumble?

here are some subpar mobile uploads from my celly, because yes, the world is my text message!


March 27, 2011

Good news guys! You can now order a bowl of delicious crickets on capitol hill! Thanks to Poquitos opening up next week on the corner of 10 & pike. What we always wanted!



In case you didn’t pick up on my sarcasm let me just tell you: this shit freaks me the fuck out. Maybe I’m just uptight, or too much of a picky eater but EW!

So I actually worked up the courage to eat one, because I thought I would regret passing up the experience later. Only to find out that I was right all along. That shit was gross.

Anyway, here are my other thoughts about the joint:
+ the guacamole was delicious.

– everything else we ate (tacos, pozole, black bean soup, the house salad) was subpar.

– samesies for the drink menu. The house marg was okay, but the other fancy pants chipotle infused jalepeno blah blah and tequila mango puree blah blah blah were all very, well, blah.

+/- mixed feelings about the space. Some friends and fellow diners pointed out that 1. The sound system sucked and 2. The acoustics of the place with “a million hand painted tiles” could get very very loud and annoying on a rowdy bridge & tunnel kinda Friday night.

+ the patio is gonna be epic! While it’s not completed (or at least wasn’t when I dined there on Friday afternoon) I am already convinced that it will be the greatest thing to infiltrate our beloved trifecta.

+ the hand made ice-pops are the best thing I consumed at Poquitos. They are amazingly cute, charming, and fun. But most importantly delicious!


Seriously tho, go visit the place when it opens up and form your own opinions because god knows I’m no expert.


March 21, 2011

some rumors prove gloriously valid!


other rumors remain dubious.


March 18, 2011

why have holidays, like the one we are in enduring at this moment, have to be so gut-wrenchingly gross.

i wanted to have one beer after work before i walked home but “Tyler from Kirkland” won’t let the fact that i don’t have any green on slide. AT ALL. get out of my face asshole. drink the jameson you ordered, even though you complained you hate whiskey, and get shitfaced.

i don’t want to hate march 17th. but i do. i really do.

getting old…

March 15, 2011

Yet another anti-police protest down B way.
I’m bored.

Protesters chanted "this is what a police state looks like!"

My favorite part: the horsie parade!

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help japan

March 15, 2011

Some people are already butthurt over the hipster tsunami post I just put up, so in advance I would like to apologize for anyone who will be offended by the next playful post. Actually fuck that, no I’m not. You know what I have to say to you people? Loosen the fuck up & go have a drink at one of the following places:

On March 15th, Oddfellows Cafe & Bar, Smith, Lindas Seattle and King’s Hardware will be donating 100% of the proceeds from all sales to the International Medical Corps for Japan’s earthquake relief!

Now once you have a drink or two you can pick up your smart phone & do this:

Of course our hearts go out to the victims of japans earthquake.