April 26, 2011

(If you didn’t read the subject line in the voice of Homer Simpson then you failed. Now go back & start all over again.)

Guys guess what? Today I actually left Capitol Hill. No, this is not a joke. Some friends dragged me away from my cozy little bubble & down to South Lake Union for some bomb ass burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory.

I’ve heard about this place forever and now I know I’ve been missin’ out. At it’s new location it’s within walking distance from the hill. I was tempted to make my own custom burger but instead ordered the ‘Homage to Dick’s Deluxe’ with sweet potato fries. DAMN, THAT SHIT WAS GOOD! I will actually be tempted to venture away from my comfort zone more often just for this place. (also partially just to stare at the massive lava lamps everywhere, NGL.)

But did you hear we are getting two more burger joints here at home?

Blue Moon Burgers comes to Bway

& Li’l Woodys too! Deets here.

But what is the best burger already on the hill?

  • Dicks is perfect for your drunk walk home after the bar.
  • Linda’s sliders are a classic & at a buck each at HH it’s a no brainier.
  • Charlie’s big beefy guys have always sedated me in a blissful food coma.
  • Uni’s In&out inspired burgers hit the spot especially topped with melted onions.

But what am I missing? What haven’t I tried? Are burgers at The Deluxe good? Should I stop hating on the fancy pants-ness of Quinns and actually go try theirs? Leave a comment and let me know because I want to overdose on BEEF & KETCHUP!!!


eat your balls earlier.

March 10, 2010

well, it’s about gosh darn time a place opens that lets me get my buzz on pre happy hour besides the oh-so-fancy bimbo’s….a girl can only eat so many sub-par burritos (xoxo).

 we gots ourselves another little gem to serve us lunch, or something like it, with our morning beers.

unicorn, the bar we have so sinfully neglected to mention, is now open starting at noon for corn dogs, booze and the whole shabang. fucking sweet.

thats one less block i have to struggle down to find some grub. and i’m into that. 

as if you haven’t heard, unicorn is the most rad, most colorful and the most blackout inducing bar i’ve been to in a long time. everyone has their own, very specific opinion about unicorn but lemme tell ya: this place is special. and if you can’t get on the unicorn band wagon then change your mind cause it means you’re dumb as fuck. 

back to food. i dream about the steak and eggs. sure the dogs are bomb but if you can only handle so many deep friend weiners, or weiners in general, do the steak. i’m serious. addiction in full effect.  

so tomorrow, when you roll outta bed around 12:45 and need… 

a) something a little bubbly to getcha going 

b) nourishment in any form

venture to unicorn. they got a whole new slew of daytimers for you to gawk at…as if the ladies of night weren’t enough. pssssh. 

(totally necessary)