hipster tsunami

March 15, 2011

A hipster tsunami watch was issued for the general Seattle area this past weekend with Capitol Hill taking the brunt of the damage. The timing of when the initial wave hit ranges from 8:15 p.m. at the opening of Sun Liquor Distillery on pike to about 1:24 a.m. at Pony. Scientists are still working on models to forecast the amount of skinny jeans, PBRs, and bad dance moves involved in this past weekends devastating damage.

Sun Liquor Distillery – 03.12.11

Pony – 03.13.11


I, Barfly 3.1

March 1, 2011

Once again I found myself at pony. I guess I end up here so often because I’m a sucker for strong drinks, photobooths, & outdoor fire pits. Last night I ran into the following four cute barflies:

left to right:
Andrew, 24 / Capitol Hill

Drink: strong beer or straight whiskey
Bar: charlies

Casey, 22 / CD
Drink: corona with lime
Bar: stumbling monk

Vera, 23 / Capitol Hill
Drink: crown & coke
Bar: canterbury (because of shuffleboard)

Brian, 28 / Fat as fuck
Drink: fat girl
Bar: the thick one

(yes, these were brian’s actual answers to the questions)

I, Barfly 2.17

February 18, 2011

Last night at pony we all ate delicious zucchini bread, the dj gave away free paintings of ohio (pictured above,) and i found the following three barflys:


Bree, 26 / Capitol Hill
Drink: colt 45
Bar: pony

Lauren, 23 / Capitol Hill
Drink: moscow mule
Bar: highline

Grant, 34 / Capitol Hill
Drink: whiskey neat and the cheapest beer
Bar: big marios

Tons of fucking sequins

February 16, 2011

This is the best picture I took all weekend. Admittedly, I didn’t take many. I was to busy indulging in our favorite vices to care about my camera. But once my eyes fell upon such an amazing creature on the back patio of Pony I had to ask to snap his photo.

You wanna know why this kid is awesome? I will tell you.

1. He is wearing a mother fucking shiny sequin black vest.
2. He’s having a mother fucking good time.
3. When I asked to take his picture he said “wait,” unbuttoned the majority of his shirt and then told me he was ready.

I want to be his friend. Perhaps I should post him a missed connection on the theattle craigs-lisp page.

Do you think he might be the same kid from this video?

I sure do fucking hope so.

what else could be better than dancing in the streets at midnight on pride weekend with a hundred other hill kids? look at these drunk pics i tried to take…

meet matty…

May 24, 2010

you’ve probably seen this guy getting down on the dance floor any night of the week. he was kind enough to answer our survey. thanks matty!

1. your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all.
HG lodge and pony.

2. your “alternative brand identity” prop. the one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are. examples: red bandana, backstreet boy sweatshirt, turntables.
lip chap

3. the show line-up of your dreams: who is it, where is it at, and what will you be drinking?
beyonce and trina at disneyland, drinking bubblegum vodka and seven.

4. you’re hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is _________ night so you are of course going out. where ya going, you lush?

monday happy hour on the HG rooftop (DJ gameboy)
wed night at HG lodge for “say ok” (anna taylors new night.)
and the weekends vary but usually end at eagle or HG depending on the night.

5. a classic survey question: sum up your capitol hill in three words.
live.  laugh.  dance.

lost & found

April 28, 2010

after a few drinks, a hot dog, and some steamy photos with the hot dog stand guy you left your disposable camera in a taxi cab. but don’t worry girl, i found it, took it to pony and finished the roll of film for you!

i love you hot dog girl. thanks for the left over film. write us an email cos we would love to hear from you! now on to pony:

lookin good kids.

this is a pony…

September 4, 2009

but we know it is not the only type of pony….


how was your pony?

blame it on an impromptu PDX road trip on wednesday afternoon, but we were fo sho not up to par last night. and considering everybody in the world seemed to be checking out pony’s first night open at their new (and awesome!) location we held our gay porn desires back and stayed in.

am I getting lame? probably. but not everyone is! i know that .

how was your pony last night? let us know and send your pics.

i vote for a round two tonight. thoughts?

giddy up…pony is back!

March 30, 2009

slip on those assless chaps and saddle up my friends…the rumor has become reality. as our faithful accomplice cole so diligently reported (before the stranger or chs) fuck-tab-ulous bar PONY is coming back for reals. 


the original post began as mere gossip with potential but the rumors have been confirmed! 



the weird triangular flower shop inbetween 12th and 13th on madison is on the way out and the goodness is moving in. the application for the liquor license has been filed by a new owner. does this mean we won’t be seeing the same wild stallions we did on pine? fucking christ, this could be great.




February 24, 2009



so here is a secret, and it might be just a bad (and bad as in excellent) rumor,

but the sun is coming out and it’s time for a little goss to kick start spring.

after sauntering home highly buzzed post another sunday-funday, roommate ‘x’ summarizes in confidentiality to me:

a certain flower shop on 12th and madison will be losing it’s lease.

before whatever stupid condo can go up, a year must pass for permits and development and all that shiz.

so in the meantime, new owner of said property is in talks with a certain hillebrity **cough*marcus*cough** about recreating seattle’s most beloved and raunchy bar.


a small space, but whose judgin’?  not you.

this might take awhile – but hope is cool, right?   it’s so 2009.