Tons of fucking sequins

February 16, 2011

This is the best picture I took all weekend. Admittedly, I didn’t take many. I was to busy indulging in our favorite vices to care about my camera. But once my eyes fell upon such an amazing creature on the back patio of Pony I had to ask to snap his photo.

You wanna know why this kid is awesome? I will tell you.

1. He is wearing a mother fucking shiny sequin black vest.
2. He’s having a mother fucking good time.
3. When I asked to take his picture he said “wait,” unbuttoned the majority of his shirt and then told me he was ready.

I want to be his friend. Perhaps I should post him a missed connection on the theattle craigs-lisp page.

Do you think he might be the same kid from this video?

I sure do fucking hope so.


local blog reviews our hood

February 8, 2009

a significant blog for the forever thirsty, drunk in seattle, has taken a little trip to capitol hill. though they didn’t exactly indulge in the trifecta as much as i would have liked to hear, they did hit a few spots that are always a guaranteed good drink. they treked from six arms to the hideout to neighbors. i would like to make my claim and say i personally believe the hideout is on first hill but i won’t hold it against them.cha-night check out their perspective on the joints here and tune more regularly to read about all their alcohol related endeavors. you know i do…