I, Barfly 3.30

March 30, 2011

This week the ladies dominated my barfly interest. Who are these beautiful vixens doing karaoke on a random nothings-going-on kinda night? Lets find out…

Alisha, 33 / Capitol Hill
Drink: vodka and diet coke “but it has to be monopolowa because it’s gotta be classy & trashy.”
Bar: redwood

Brynne, 30 / Capitol Hill
Drink: st germaine
Bar: the bar

Amber, 22 / Capitol Hill
Drink: whiskey (bushmills please) on the rocks
Bar: captain blacks

I met the last barfly while debating the location of my old apartment. Was it on capitol hill? Or technically was it first hill? It’s a close call. But Amber chimed in with this little gem: “When you fell like you’re gonna be raped or stabbed, you’re on first hill.” Gotta love a beautiful lady with a sense of humor! Thanks girls!


hipster tsunami

March 15, 2011

A hipster tsunami watch was issued for the general Seattle area this past weekend with Capitol Hill taking the brunt of the damage. The timing of when the initial wave hit ranges from 8:15 p.m. at the opening of Sun Liquor Distillery on pike to about 1:24 a.m. at Pony. Scientists are still working on models to forecast the amount of skinny jeans, PBRs, and bad dance moves involved in this past weekends devastating damage.

Sun Liquor Distillery – 03.12.11

Pony – 03.13.11

Tons of fucking sequins

February 16, 2011

This is the best picture I took all weekend. Admittedly, I didn’t take many. I was to busy indulging in our favorite vices to care about my camera. But once my eyes fell upon such an amazing creature on the back patio of Pony I had to ask to snap his photo.

You wanna know why this kid is awesome? I will tell you.

1. He is wearing a mother fucking shiny sequin black vest.
2. He’s having a mother fucking good time.
3. When I asked to take his picture he said “wait,” unbuttoned the majority of his shirt and then told me he was ready.

I want to be his friend. Perhaps I should post him a missed connection on the theattle craigs-lisp page.

Do you think he might be the same kid from this video?

I sure do fucking hope so.

a new leaf

February 2, 2011

thank god thats over…

July 26, 2010

block party you have been good to me, but man i need a break. i think my favorite performance had to be the blue scholars. sampling the xx was epic. hope you had just as much fun as we did. again go check in with straight crushing for more details on all the performances that went down this weekend. good luck with your hangovers.


February 8, 2010

TUESDAY NITE….it’s back.

with the unpredictable nature of our aquarian friends, you shouldn’t know what to expect to happen at havana tomorrow night. but fuckkk, with sean cee and dev from above in charge we can guarantee things are gonna get a little freaky.

expect wierd things like :


ethereal light boxes.

a breeze.


a starry, starry night.


uh huh. oh ya.


tuesday. february 9th.



sean cee & dev from above

aquarians get in free.


rsvp here.

it’s finally here…the only night on the hill where sequins on your ass and face paint on your cheeks make you normal is back for ONE NIGHT ONLY. holy fuck, it’s SING SING  at neumo’s kiddos!

forget the booze, we’re breaking out the good stuff for this one. the notorious and loved, loved, loved DJ pretty titty has decided to show his fine face for a moment, forcing us to all relive the madness SING SING created. if you’re a douche face and totally forgot what it was like to look forward to the first saturday of every month, remind your ass here. and check our original post about the night here!

but SING SING isn’t just returning solo. hell no. it’s the friggin’ holidays and that means we all must get crazy-so this isn’t just a reunion, it’s an all out holiday party and everyone needs to be there.

neumo’s and moe bar have given up their spaces in order to entirely transform the whole thing into some winter goodness. we’ve got things happening i don’t think any other owners would let happen-but because this is SING SING, our boys at neumo’s let it slide… the same crazies who built HAVANA HALLOWEEN and this past summer’s 500 Pine Party are behind the décor this time as well.

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logofirst came molly moon’s, then came old school froku. not shortly after, precious bluebird joined our neck of  the woods.

yet, despite our heightened chance of diabetes after the summer of sugar, i am urging you to go grab a scoop at the window of seattle’s newest ice cream craze, organic ice cream by parfait.

what initially looks like a ups truck from 30 feet away is actually owner, adria shimada parked curbside in a chestnut-colored truck serving up all local, organic artisian ice cream. if you’re wondering what the hell organic artisitan ice cream is, this explanation from their website should help:

our flavors come from real foods, usually have fewer than five ingredients, and contain absolutely no corn syrup, no added stabilizers, and no preservatives. parfait supports local farms and sources all of our ingredients from certified organic growers and producers who share in our commitment to agricultural and environmental sustainability.

as a @parfaiticecream truck tracker on twitter, i knew they were going to be in the area and wanted to see what steps them apart from all the other lovely ice cream joints around seattle.

the verdict: despite paying $4.75 for a single cone, the fresh mint stracciatella is the best, true-to-flavor scoop of ice cream in seattle.


think mojito, not candy canes.

new to serving the hill, whether or not they come back here regularly, according to adria, depends on how the business day goes. stop by and see how they rate . if you dug them as much as i did then be sure to say so!

today’s flavors:


where: currently parked in front of rudy’s and stumptown on pine (map it)

when: only today, 5-10 p.m. (rest of the weekend will be in ballard)

best part: luscious hand-rolled cones, short lines, talking flavors w/ the very woman that makes them and lots of free tastings!

too hot to dodge?!

July 28, 2009

that may be soo but you could at least watch with a popsicle (or vodka)….


the flannel conundrum

June 29, 2009


i have a question. one i have been plagued with since the most nipply of winters. here it is: does the addition of flannel automatically make an outfit less slut-like? 


as a lady, i wanna show off the goods as much as possible, but up here it seems you must execute the display of decollete in the most precise of ways in order to avoid being pinned as a bellevue commuter.

i don’t always have the eye, or the motivation, to project it in the ‘correct’ fashion.

therefore, my lazy tactic is to throw on some flannel.

brown, itchy and collared seems to be, by definition, the opposite of sexy.

my question: does this opposition, this  visual battle of the eye, this juxtaposition actually turn something as slutty as titties into a PG ensemble? 

call me a ho, i’m ok with it.