April 26, 2011

The last two times I found myself at the Eagle I fell in love–once with my boyfriend, the other with Glitterbang. I mean, I didn’t FALL IN LOVE with Glitterbang, but I had that feeling when I was watching them like, OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. I was dancing like a maniac. They were on a corner of the dance floor, and sometimes the guy would play guitar and piano at the same time. I can’t remember what they looked like, but I know they were wearing cool shit on their face. I just wanted to watch them & dance there forever.

Now press play & continue onward…

Glitterbang’s “Constable.”

Nicki of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Joey of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Glitterbang is playing tomorrow night at the comet. Wanna get stoned & dance? Meet me outside at 9pm. All the deets you need are here:



May 18, 2010


run your fat ass up pike to the work in progress ‘old school frozen custard‘ cause they are accepting applications.

sure, it may not be the kind of $$$ to support all your nasty habits but in this screwed up econ i believe you should take whatever you can get! 


and frozen custard at your finger tips? there isn’t a whole lot more i would ask for….

if you are interested in becoming a custard conisseur contact the joint at and let us know you heard it from us!

we’ll be coming in to visit you fo’ sho. 


holy mutha custard!

February 24, 2009


what is better than beer? frozen custard! 

what is better than frozen custard? the frozen custard shop opening less than a block from my apartment. 

awwwww, ya. 

if you’ve never had frozen custard – you haven’t lived. it is kinda like a combination of the richest ice cream ever and cream brulee all in one heaven sent little bite. in many cases, especially as of late, frozen custard is more satisfying than my sex life. mhmmm. 

the joint ain’t open yet, so calm yourselves but it located on pike between 13th and 14th.  mom has a little more info on this joyous occasion but we got a pic. a really good one too…..

cupcakes galore!

January 14, 2009

well hot damn! mom just filled me in on something real friggin’ exciting. i know you want more cupcake, but we’re talking real goodies here so prepare for caloric overload. YES!


rumor has it cupcake royale is opening up right in the heart of the trifecta. i mean, the crosstreets of my dreams, sugar and sprinkles?!

forget booze-i’m going with the cake. 

i know the place has had some grief about the quality of their product, but c’mon people….it’s a goddamn cupcake. these things are pretty much guaranteed yummy. and if your like me, and you live on ramen and rainier then a frosted cupcake is gonna be like the holy grail of my food pyramid. 

so look out for it. it be coming soon.

that was a joke. you know where to be. 

i mean, what else do you want outta your nye? dressin’ up, dancin’ and familiar faces. no stress! the usual clubhouse always pulls through. come see your friends. 


DJ Case One,

Blair​ly Legal​

Doors​ at 9PM
$10 ADV


no leaf blowers, please!

October 30, 2008

apparently autumn heard august sucked and has turned october into an indian summer.

which has wrought a few of my favorite things: pumpkin pie at pettirosso; a reason to dig through the bin o’ knits at the mecca; and of course, wading through ankle deep waves of auburn-hued leaves.

while some areas of seattle blow these fall wonders into the streets or a dustpan, it seems the leaves scattered ’round the hill remain exactly where i want them, at my feet.

sure these slippery little buggers make me regret those $15 boots i have worn the traction out of. yes, they lose their asthetic charm once they’ve been trampled and tossed around with cigarette butts and empty shooter bottles.

but in the mean time…let’s soak up the rest of what is a completely gorgeous autumn and maintain the anthem to keep our sidewalks cluttered until the last leaf falls and we’re forced to put on all wool everything.

cap to the hill says no to leaf blowers.

Photo 1: Sir Learnsalot

Photo 2: