hipster tsunami

March 15, 2011

A hipster tsunami watch was issued for the general Seattle area this past weekend with Capitol Hill taking the brunt of the damage. The timing of when the initial wave hit ranges from 8:15 p.m. at the opening of Sun Liquor Distillery on pike to about 1:24 a.m. at Pony. Scientists are still working on models to forecast the amount of skinny jeans, PBRs, and bad dance moves involved in this past weekends devastating damage.

Sun Liquor Distillery – 03.12.11

Pony – 03.13.11


Thursday nights…

February 16, 2011

now sound promising:

life’s a beach!

July 1, 2010

get your tank tops and short shorts on kids! your about to get leid at nuemos this friday at their free beach party. hot ladies and dudes, beer pong, sun tans, and sweaty dance parties is what summer is all about and neumos wants to kick it off right!

July 2nd 9pm to 3am (Yes 3am)

Competitions in: hoola hoop, swim suit,
flip cup, beer pong, corn hole, double dutch.

Literally hundreds of beach balls, tiki torches, sunglasses, jello shots, babes and boys in bikinis, prizes, block party tickets, tickets to Neumos shows, tickets to Hawaii, palm tress, chia pets, skateboards, body butter, tropical photo booth, drink specials, surf boards, sweaty dance party, wet and wild make up counter, turf, baby pools, outdoor games, nerf ball, lots of blow up things,
sailor jerry pirate bar……..and you.


Special performances by FRESH ESPRESSO, FOUR COLOR ZACK and SEAN CEE.

we will see all of you sexy kids there!

what else could be better than dancing in the streets at midnight on pride weekend with a hundred other hill kids? look at these drunk pics i tried to take…

hot hot hot messes

June 29, 2010

whoa what a mess of a post that last one was! note to self: do not drink and blog. the house of hands tranny party was cray cray! check it out!

hey tranny!

June 15, 2010

this is going to be THE pride weekend party to attend. the kids behind house of hands who brought you last years halloween lot party, and this years zodiac parties are at it again and back in the havana lot! with inside djs, outside music & performances, 4 bars, photo booths & hairstyling, and a shit ton of trannys it sure to be a hot drunken mess of a party. take a look at all this entertainment ready to blow your eardrums out:

CJ and The Dolls (Portland), Cjandthedolls.com

And performances by:
Your Queen of Filth: Jackie HELL!
Your Sultry Dream: Ade!
Crisco Dick: Ben DeLacreme!
Teen Dream: Stella Rose!

Featuring Outside DJ’s:
DJ Res (Los Angeles, Cherry, Lick, Confessions, No Big Deal)
DJ Gameboy (Seattle, Shapes + Colours)

AND!! Your Inside Drag DJ’s!!:
Anita $nak (This Bitch)
Amoania (That Bitch)
Modee Trajadee (What A BITCH!!)

whoa, that’s a lot of djs, drag queens, and trannys. house of hands sure knows how to throw one hell of a party and this shits gonna top it all. so get out saturday the 28th and these kids will make sure your stumbling hungover (and still a little drunk) to the parade the next day.

go here to rsvp and learn how to buy tickets.

midnight vitamins

May 24, 2010

yup, it’s been a good weekend. props to the ‘make it rain’ kids who kicked it off on thursday with an awesome michael jackson tribute night. the dj sets were good, the live performances were stellar, and havana was filled with one of the best crowds i’ve seen out in awhile. it was well worth the $5 cover i hate paying.

friday night’s fringe at the eagle was spaced themed and rightfully dubbed ‘tranny get your raygun.’ the best part about the already usual awesome night was a a special performance by lisa dank. if you haven’t heard her catchy new song cookies go take a listen. she put on a high energy performance with friggin lazer beams shooting out of her tits! if thats not rad i don’t know what is.

14th & republican by amorris

and sometimes the best part of a late saturday night is taking the long buzzed walk home after a few drinks with friends. it can be rewarding to avoid the pike/pine chaos, throw on your ipod and just enjoy your hood. hope you guys had a solid weekend. xoxo.

block party extension?

May 13, 2010

the folks that put together block party want to rock your face off even more this year. plans are being disscused to add a third day to the already two day music fest. the party goes down friday july 23rd & saturday the 24th and if it all works out sunday the 25th. apparently a major performance relies on the addition of a 3rd day.

organizers of the event must get signatures from community businesses and others affected to get the permit for the new addition. but that doesn’t mean you cant do anything. the numeos facebook page urged its followers to “send an email to swanson at virginia.swanson@seattle.gov with your message of support for the addition.”

this years line up will be announced on june 1st with tickets going on sale a few days later. for more info on the whole situation head over here to chs.

500 pine: the video!

May 10, 2010

remember that epic night last summer when we all gathered in the havana parking lot to party in remembrance of the 500 pine block we used to love? well you might have saw a few cameras documenting the insanity. after all this time we have the video footage that came out of it, look for your face!


February 8, 2010

TUESDAY NITE….it’s back.

with the unpredictable nature of our aquarian friends, you shouldn’t know what to expect to happen at havana tomorrow night. but fuckkk, with sean cee and dev from above in charge we can guarantee things are gonna get a little freaky.

expect wierd things like :


ethereal light boxes.

a breeze.


a starry, starry night.


uh huh. oh ya.


tuesday. february 9th.



sean cee & dev from above

aquarians get in free.


rsvp here.