after receiving the following texts from cocoa i had to go check over at chs if the news was true. it was and even tho i’m not a coffee drinker myself, i was sad, for cocoa’s sake as she mentioned it in her top five best study nooks.

so there you have it. online is dead, and cocoa hates on arabica. i for one had a pleasant time there recently. i don’t study but had no trouble kickin it editing some photos in the charmingly decorated cafe. any place with a gnome gets hecka points in my book:

i guess cocoa needs a new nook. any suggestions? i actually will miss oco considering the 14th ave local was one of my favorite places to peer into on my walks to and from work. R.I.P.


seattle cannabis journal

March 8, 2011

in a world map of stereotypes we are known as the stoners, and you know what? i’ll take it. compared to the rest at least. maybe not for everyone but just take a walk through cal anderson on a sunny summer day and you’ll smell it. they’re plenty of us out there. and now if you want to dive deeper into the in’s & out’s of medical marijuana check out the seattle cannabis journal. in their own words:

Seattle Cannabis Journal discusses all things Cannabis and culture in the city of Seattle. Our focus includes medicinal use, reviews and recommendations, photos, and essays concerning all forms of Cannabis ingestion for medical purposes.

like did you know that last month they held the first cannabis farmers market? pretty fucking cool if you ask me. SCJ’s review of the market navigates you through the different strains, edibles, and tinctures that the many medical marijuana vendors provide. more dates have been added for the market to pop back up at the little red bistro down on dexter & harrison.

anyway, its fat tuesday! how about we go get stoned, head down to captain blacks for the mardi gras edition of chicken & waffles tuesdays! my mouth is already watering.

Oh, to be young and single and living on Capitol Hill, where on any given night you can go to one of this neighborhood’s SHIT ton of bars and find it jammed with your fellow sex-craved twenty-somethings, many of them eager to acquire phone numbers in hopes of commencing a brief texting relationship that will probably amount to nothing, save for creepy and bizarre drunk propositioning texts days and weeks after the initial meet.

At some point, this got to me; my phone was filled with too many first names of boys whose faces I couldn’t quite recall.  So, about a month ago, I decided to shake things up by getting an account on, a free online dating site that, in addition to allowing the user to create a fairly thorough profile, provides survey questions that help ‘match’ you with potential mates, as well as instant messaging, photo albums, relationship/personality tests…the works.

NOTE: My one qualm with this site is that there is a section called “Activity” on the homepage that shows WHO has looked at your page and WHEN they last did (imagine if facebook had this…people would be deactivating their accounts in droves for fear that everyone would finally know the extent of their creepy stalker habits).

Thus commenced my foray into the world of online dating.  I set up a profile, snooped around a bit, and kind of waited to see what would happen.  And, after a couple weeks of sifting through my message inbox and deleting lame shit like “How are you?” and “Ur hott” and only responding to people that ACTUALLY ADDRESSED the crap I wrote about myself on my profile, I had managed to arrange and go on three first dates with three very different dudes, at three very different bars.

Here are my reviews of three first date spots:

Date #1 : Dinner @ Broadway Grill – Early evening dinner here could be alright, but this place is fairly empty around 6-7pm on weeknights, which means that there’s gonna have to be a lot of good conversational energy or it ends up being kind of awkward between topics because there’s not a lot going on in the background.  On the plus side, it is near a lot of other shit on Broadway, so one can always flee the scene for a stroll down to Vivace.  But otherwise it’s a bit intense.

VERDICT: Wait until the 3rd or 4th date.  Too much, too fast.

Date #2 : Drinks @ Pony – Hey, I’m gay, and you’re gay, so if we go get a drink at this gay bar, it should be cool, right?  Well, maybe.  Indeed, Pony caters to us homos.  And, let us never ever forget the FUCKING AWESOME firepit and (recently) covered patio.  But, if it’s balls-ass cold outside, the firepit may not cut it.  And inside, the large amounts of cock covering the walls, the ever-classy glory hole in the bathroom, and the lack of seating and loud music make it a more difficult place to have a normal, i’m-not-necessarily-trying-to-fuck-your-brains-out-tonight conversation.

VERDICT: Are you just trying to hook up with someone??  Too gay.

Date #3 : Drinks @ the Living Room – Oh wait, did you forget about the Living Room too?  I did…it’s quite far down Olive Way.  But, if you can make the trek down the Hill, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Two levels, plenty of seating on both couches and at tables, a smaller bar that still has a good atmosphere and isn’t too crowded yet has enough people to provide interesting energy…need I say more?  If you’re into having a good conversation where both parties can hear what the other is saying, definitely go here.

VERDICT: Yes yes yes.  Great, casual spot to meet up with someone (granted, I’m biased, because my first date here turned into many dates with the same dude who I now have boyfriend status with…wow this okcupid thing actually worked!).

Anyway, if you have patience and you’re open to enduring several mildly- to moderately-lame dates before finding someone substantive, maybe as a winter activity you should give online dating a try.  Go ahead!  Be adventurous!  Have other good first date spot recommendations?

do you foursquare?

May 25, 2010

you probably already know what foursquare is. you’re probably the mayor of your favorite bar and check in with every cup of joe you gulp down. if you don’t know what this mayor talk is let me fill you in. foursquare is a smart phone service for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. once you start using it you start collecting points, prize badges, and even deals at certain foursquare partnered businesses (more on this later.)

now you’re probably one of two people. the first being the avid user who gets hooked after the first check in. you have the ‘super mayor’ badge proving that you hold down ten different mayorships, and you land on the top of the leader board every week for users in seattle. or you might be the total opposite who thinks its pointless, annoying, and are sketched out by the idea of everyone knowing where you are at all times. what do you guys think, do you love it or hate it?

so back to the 4s freebies. many businesses are teaming up with the location based social networking site to offer perks for users who check in or become mayor of their establishment. here are a few places here on the hill (or near by) that we found who will hook y’all up:

@ the living room: 20% off your drink with every check in on foursquare.
@ moe bar: show the bartender you’ve checked in to moe bar on foursquare, and your first drink is happy hour priced!
@ 15th ave coffee & tea: show us that you’ve checked in with foursquare and get $1 macchiatos before 4pm and $2 off beer and wine after 4pm. the mayor gets a free pastry!
@ twilight exit: get half off your first order of an appetizer when you become mayor!
@ starbucks – capitol hill: as mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a new however-you-want-it frappuccino blended beverage. any size, any flavor.

do you guys know of any other cap hill spots offering special foursquare offers? let us know in the comments!

just found wordle, a cool site that crawls through a blog or website and gathers the most commonly used words and throws it into a dandy little graphic.

upon entering us in, the work below is what wordle thinks cap to the hill is all about. apparently we talk about drunk, skanky things quite a bit? *gasp*


local blog reviews our hood

February 8, 2009

a significant blog for the forever thirsty, drunk in seattle, has taken a little trip to capitol hill. though they didn’t exactly indulge in the trifecta as much as i would have liked to hear, they did hit a few spots that are always a guaranteed good drink. they treked from six arms to the hideout to neighbors. i would like to make my claim and say i personally believe the hideout is on first hill but i won’t hold it against them.cha-night check out their perspective on the joints here and tune more regularly to read about all their alcohol related endeavors. you know i do… 

with 2009 dancing by, pumpkin and i find ourselves struggling to keep this thang crackin’ all on our own. we’ve asked for help. and, to our great pleasure, help has arrived. we got a new man in tow-happy to provide more nipple pix then i could ever commit to-and he’s diving in head first. 

welcome chip. this is everyone.

everyone, this is chip.



get to know him: 




where’s your cheers? : MOE?
what’s your poison? : Grey Goose and seven, negra modelo, guinness

where’s your central perk? : i’m a stones throw away from bauhaus, but i usually save a buck or two and brew or steap at home

favorite barista/o? : any of the many doe eyed barista girls that will eventually break my heart.

who you jonesin to see live? : the roots, anything jack white and raphael saadiq.

you in a band? : nah. was for a hot minute back home. but the only time i touch my guitars now is for therapy.


gotta library card? : half priced books? barnes and noble?

you most recently read…? : don dillio’s body artist. 

be prepared for a man’s opinion on all things hill. we thought we needed a little testosterone to level the playing field. 


we’re tweetin’

October 17, 2008

yes. this twitter BS is a lot to handle but it enables us to do mini-entries when out.

think of the possibilities!

for example-last night on our schlep home from a pretty tame evening we walked right by an unruly pedestrian. we noted who it was on twitter along with the non-sense he was partaking in-and moved on.

had i waited to do it until this morning i would have forgotten all about it!

so get an account and start your twitter life. and if you have an iphone or blackberry just download the twitter application and your in!


for those of you who may or may not have noticed, cupcake and i aren’t the most frequent of posters. sometimes quality shiz doesn’t get published due to a lack of motivation, but more often than not, it’s an xcore lack of time.

therefore to take precautionary measures against our own busyness, laziness or whatever you want to call it and we’ve started a twitter account: captothehill.

twitter – for you non-techie stallions – is a social networking site entirely composed of micro-blogging, posts in 140 characters or less.

embrace your inner nerd and create an account. let’s be tweet buddies and we can talk shit in uber short & snappy micro-blog posts that will likely turn into bigger ones.


oh boy! another goodie….

September 4, 2008

though her blog has indeed been alive way before captothehill was even a glimmer in pumpkin’s eye i just discovered the sweetness of discofunbath. forget how i ended up there for now cause it was a maze, but somehow i just did-and now i check it every damn day. high five to never ending internet binges, right? 

so the name, discofunbath, may sound like a crazy after party to studio or something but i assure u there are no tubs included-at least yet. the blog is a little less anonymous than others like it which is real nice for a change in my eyes, though her shit talking is kept to a minimum. the author offers photographs of inspirational wardrobe choices as well as her own designs.

this site is perf. it’s capitol hill’s high school year book. it’s pike and pines usweekly minus the untrue gossip. it is always my next stop after checking hilku. 

and though this may be equal to skipper telling barbie she rocks, we’re ok with that. cause barbie does rock and we’re glad to be her sister even if she (the blog) is older and much much wiser than we (as skipper) ever will be. see you in the pink corvette, disco!

oh and we send a big muchos gracias to barbie for the pic!