April 26, 2011

The last two times I found myself at the Eagle I fell in love–once with my boyfriend, the other with Glitterbang. I mean, I didn’t FALL IN LOVE with Glitterbang, but I had that feeling when I was watching them like, OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. I was dancing like a maniac. They were on a corner of the dance floor, and sometimes the guy would play guitar and piano at the same time. I can’t remember what they looked like, but I know they were wearing cool shit on their face. I just wanted to watch them & dance there forever.

Now press play & continue onward…

Glitterbang’s “Constable.”

Nicki of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Joey of Glitterbang @ Electric Tea Garden

Glitterbang is playing tomorrow night at the comet. Wanna get stoned & dance? Meet me outside at 9pm. All the deets you need are here:


update: tickets gone as of 1:45 pm.

what are you doing tomorrow? nothing? good because we want to hook you up with some free tickets for a mighty fineeee lookin show at neumos.

the get up kids (www, myspace)

you know these guys, & if you’re like me they provided the soundtrack for the majority of your younger years. you probably have made a few mix tapes for some crush you had sophomore year of high school that included at least one song from something to write home about, an album so great they played a whole reunion tour 2 years ago to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its release. to this day you still come home after every camping trip and blast “campfire kansas” recounting the whole weekend spent eating shrooms and spending hours in a hot spring on top of the olympic peninsula, because it’s only appropriate. in 2005, your heart was crushed when you found out the band broke up, the same way you were crushed when the aforementioned mix wasn’t received as well as your dopey little emo kid heart had hoped for. but let’s just fast forward to today, the day you will win tickets to see them, back together at last. on the road again for their 5th full length album, there are rules, they are sure to put on a good show after the bands 6 year hiatus. plus they will be in good company with these guys:

steel train (www, myspace)

& river city extension (www, myspace)

the deets:

  • who: the get up kids (headliner), steel train & river city extension (openers)
  • where: neumos
  • when: tomorrow (wed 2/2) @ 7:00 p.m. doors/ 8:00 p.m. show
  • misc.:
    • all ages (bar w/ i.d.)
    • tickets are $21.00 adv. @, Moe Bar, Singles Going
      Steady and all Sonic Boom locations. $24.00 D.O.S.

for the win:

first person (+1) to e-mail us at will get the free tix.
include your first and last under the subject line “get up kids.”

thank god thats over…

July 26, 2010

block party you have been good to me, but man i need a break. i think my favorite performance had to be the blue scholars. sampling the xx was epic. hope you had just as much fun as we did. again go check in with straight crushing for more details on all the performances that went down this weekend. good luck with your hangovers.

block fucking party

July 24, 2010

i had to much a.d.d. to actually mobile blog the block party. but dude it was a great kick start to an already amazing weekend. check out a few of these crappy photos and go check in with straight crushing for reviews of the shows.

free drinks! free show!

January 21, 2010

its a sad sad day. the last episode of the jersey shore is airing tonight, meaning that its also the last weekly jersey shore party at captain blacks. if you haven’t seen the show its a real world type spin off featuring the most ridiculous new jersey guidos and guidettes they could find. here’s a little visual:

and if you haven’t been to captain blacks for the show your missing out. for every time mike a.k.a. the situation says his nickname in each episode captain blacks and cazadores give you a FREE shot of tequila. last time we went everyone in the bar got 3! with fingers crossed the situation will speak in third person a lot tonight. the party and season finale of the show start at 9 so don’t be late.

now once we are all just as drunk as snooki leaving karma there’s a free show at numoes to attend. awhile back you might have heard about mad rad getting into a confrontation that got physical with a moe bar bouncer leaving them banned from playing at most cap hill venues. a year later the band has made amends and is back on the hill with their free show appropriately titled “squashed.” but if you ask me the real star of this show is macklemore. his split ep with ryan lewis sampling bands like the red hot chili peppers, the arcade fire, and the killers has been on heavy rotation on my itunes. the talented rapper will even be donating all proceeds of his merch sales to haiti. with 417 confirmed guests on the facebook event page it will sure be a packed show.

i’ll now leave you with macklemore’s video for the town, a video that should for sure make you appreciate living in such a beautiful city.

enjoy your freebies kids.

it’s finally here…the only night on the hill where sequins on your ass and face paint on your cheeks make you normal is back for ONE NIGHT ONLY. holy fuck, it’s SING SING  at neumo’s kiddos!

forget the booze, we’re breaking out the good stuff for this one. the notorious and loved, loved, loved DJ pretty titty has decided to show his fine face for a moment, forcing us to all relive the madness SING SING created. if you’re a douche face and totally forgot what it was like to look forward to the first saturday of every month, remind your ass here. and check our original post about the night here!

but SING SING isn’t just returning solo. hell no. it’s the friggin’ holidays and that means we all must get crazy-so this isn’t just a reunion, it’s an all out holiday party and everyone needs to be there.

neumo’s and moe bar have given up their spaces in order to entirely transform the whole thing into some winter goodness. we’ve got things happening i don’t think any other owners would let happen-but because this is SING SING, our boys at neumo’s let it slide… the same crazies who built HAVANA HALLOWEEN and this past summer’s 500 Pine Party are behind the décor this time as well.

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update: tickets gone as of 12:22 p.m.

the danish are coming, the danish are coming!

if you don’t know already, there’s an epic show a’brewin for tonight from one of our favorite scandinavian bands, mew.

after launching their newest album this year, no more stories are told today i’m sorry they washed away no more stories the world is grey i’m tired let’s wash away, what a mouthful, seattle subsonic wrote mew’s recently released album as a solid sequel to the ever beloved 2005 album, and the glass handed kites:

Oftentimes, I feel like I’ve been dreamily transported to the kid-friendly fantasias of The NeverEnding Story or Return to Oz. In composition, No More Stories… essentially picks up where 2005’s And The Glass Handed Kites left off: (Bo) Madsen’s colorful, uneven guitar treatises balance exuberant keyboard flourishes and (Jonas) Bjerre’s precocious, somewhat nonsensical choir-boy storytelling. Songs build up and break down, meander aimlessly and fly pointedly, sending listeners on enchanted journeys through implausible universes.

other music sites, such as pitchfork, proclaimed this new album is certainly poppier than their 2005 album, which was at once point described as, “a masterpiece for people who haven’t smoked weed yet but are thinking about it.” while these accolaids weren’t duplicated, they did say in that same review that no more stories… demands attention.

for deets, see the after the jump.

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neumos has made a wise, wise choice. they’re throwing the best show of september tonight, starring kexp and hype machine regulars, miike snow and jack peñate.

miike snow (myspace) (kexp live perfomance – 6/13/09):


jack peñate (myspace) (“tonight’s today” video):


we’re ready to get our dance on. the question is, are you?

the deets:

  • tonight: wed. sept.30.2009
  • feat: miike snow & jack peñate
  • doors at 8 pm
  • $12 adv
  • 21+

for the win:

  • email and we’ll hook you up with two free tix.

status: tickets given away

hey skanks and skankettes, who wants to go to a show for free?

the line-up at neumo’s tomorrow night contained a schlew of artists i’d never heard of and upon listening to some myspace clips, some seem pretty worthy. the artists:

om (they’re the headliners):


these gents aren’t my taste, and since they’re the headliners, i’d say come early to see the more interesting openers and leave early to get a drank.

grouper (portland gal, liz harris has low key vibes and gentle vocals, which may be described as ambient, seems worthy of seeing for her album name alone: ‘dragging a dead deer up a hill’):


scout niblett (another portland dwelling solo performer, this one english and known for intimate shows):


lichens (i didn’t know how describe this one, so i’ll leave it to dave segal over at sf weekly, ‘eerie, starry-void-strafing drones that are too magnificent for any sci-fi-flick director to use’):


the deets:

  • tomorrow: thurs. sept.17.2009
  • feat: om, grouper, scout niblett, lichens
  • doors at 8 pm
  • $12 adv
  • 21+

for the win:

  • email and we’ll hook you up with two free tix.

it’s about that time when we give YOU free tickets to a show at neumos.



tonight… three mile pilot will be rocking the pike corridor.

if you’ve never heard of these folks, here are some video clips of what they sound like. and here’s an account of what they’re all about:

San Diego’s Three Mile Pilot is perhaps best known to the indie rock world at large for supplying key personnel to Touch & Go buzz band the Black Heart Procession. Still, they spent much of the ’90s near the forefront of a surprisingly active local indie scene. Three Mile Pilot made their mark with distinctively moody, bass-centered arrangements (in fact, they started out with no guitar at all) and a prog rock aesthetic that often resulted in long, winding, multi-sectioned song structures. Their abrupt shifts in key, rhythm, and volume earned them comparisons to math rockers like Slint and Don Caballero, but their poppier moments were more akin to the Pixies or Nirvana.

l_6bbbd90faeb947268183afac6311a9c1the deets:

for the win:

  • email and we’ll hook you up with two free tix.

…and if these san diegans aren’t your scene, there’s always the monday usual.