a worthy birthday…

March 1, 2011

this is a birthday party good enough to get outta bed for.

but, lemme just say…

i hate people’s birthdays. why? ’cause they’re stupid. and the “parties” that go with them these days are even stupider.

no one sends out pink sparkly invites asking for an RSVP. there aren’t any Little Mermaid cakes and there is definitely no mint chocolate chip ice cream. i made people dress up as the cast from Grease THREE different times throughout the course of my childhood. don’t even get me started on wrapping presents, or if your mom was a lazy, uncreative bitch she’d buy a $20 contempo casuals gift ceretificate. last thought….goodie bags?! ugh.

today, we’re lucky if we get an enthusiastic (if that’s even possible) facebook invite where commitment means clicking the accept button. and then it just becomes a few friends that show up/happen to be in the same place buying well shots and getting shitfaced because YOU’RE getting older. slash it was wednesday.

but the birthday party you should go to is at the Redwood tonight. the bar turns five years old today and this place deserves some serious slum-dog love. granted the last time i was there i was sooo drunk i could barely pay my tab (sorry). that just means the bartenders take their jobs seriously.

you don’t have to bring a tower records gift card and the goodie bags come in the form of drink specials.



via punchyouinthefacebook:

let us pay homage to this little gem. happy birthday redwood. knock ’em dead.


free fry friday!

August 19, 2010

everything tastes even better when its free.
thanks fish fry!

Genki sushi

July 22, 2010

I wasn’t even aware this place existed but oh man am I glad it’s here. Conveyer belt sushi arrives to the hill on bway and pine right next to blix. With $1.00, $1.50, and $2.00 plates this place is the frugal hipsters paradise. There is something really exuberating about the ability to impulsivly grab food floating by your head. The r&b playing in the background is perfect. I don’t know about you but i love eating sushi while listening to mariah, Aaliyah, and beyonce. It’s fast and it’s cheap so go stop by when you have a minute.

life’s a beach!

July 1, 2010

get your tank tops and short shorts on kids! your about to get leid at nuemos this friday at their free beach party. hot ladies and dudes, beer pong, sun tans, and sweaty dance parties is what summer is all about and neumos wants to kick it off right!

July 2nd 9pm to 3am (Yes 3am)

Competitions in: hoola hoop, swim suit,
flip cup, beer pong, corn hole, double dutch.

Literally hundreds of beach balls, tiki torches, sunglasses, jello shots, babes and boys in bikinis, prizes, block party tickets, tickets to Neumos shows, tickets to Hawaii, palm tress, chia pets, skateboards, body butter, tropical photo booth, drink specials, surf boards, sweaty dance party, wet and wild make up counter, turf, baby pools, outdoor games, nerf ball, lots of blow up things,
sailor jerry pirate bar……..and you.


Special performances by FRESH ESPRESSO, FOUR COLOR ZACK and SEAN CEE.

we will see all of you sexy kids there!

Tomorrow: Jenga&Juice

March 3, 2010

Don’t forget… March 4 is our monthly happy hour at the clubhouse (read: cheap drinks, cheap food and free Jenga: Captothehill Drinking Edition)

Bring some friends and a steady hand.

if you’re anything like me, you’d sooner spend $27 on a whole kitchen ensemble a la value village than mimic our belltown gal “pals” to get those acrylics filled and those footsies a’rubbin.

however, as i look down at my nails – flaked with tinkles of nail polish applied an embarrassingly long time ago – i realize that sometimes you have to indulge. if this sounds like a familiar scene and you need a professional to come to the rescue then it looks like swoon spa’s daily deal is right for the both of us.

for today*, they’re offering: manicure + pedicure = $27!

since it joined our neck of the woods, i have certainly avoided eye contact with swoon spa, let alone considered entering this swanky spot. however, if this isn’t the deal to finally say ‘welcome’ then i don’t know what is.

indulge bitches, you deserve it.

i realize you gents likely could care less, but if you have a special lady that could use some tlc, may as well treat them to a solid deal that will make them think you spent a whole hellofalot more than you actually did.

*you only have to buy today, you can go anytime within the next year.

❤ pumpkin

looks like myself and fellow zipsters (zipcar members) are in luck, as zipcar wants to be our valentine. that’s right, in the e-mail they just blasted to all capitol hill members:

If you’re one of the first 50 Zipsters to stop into the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St) tomorrow (Saturday, February 13) and flash your Zipcard, you’ll score a free cupcake. And, from 1 – 3pm, be sure to bring along a friend (or that person you’re hoping to land a date with for Valentine’s Day) ’cause we’ll be signing up new Zipcar members — and giving both you and the person you referred $50 driving credit once they’re approved.

as thought he zipcar e-mails aren’t entertaining enough – and for you non-members, let me tell you that they are – this is awesome!



feb. 4: jenga & juice

February 3, 2010

it’s that time of the month again. no, not that time of the month–we’re talkin jenga & juice time! our monthly tradition ensues with a very, berry captothehill happy hour this thursday at the clubhouse.

what’s that you say? you’ve got superbowl planning on the brain? tough snuff kiddos…you’re only in it for the commercials anyways. truth be told, not everyone knows what it’s like to win the most epic game of national football; however, you can know what it’s like to kick your neighbor’s ass at a round or four of jennnnnga!

whether it’s been the winter blues or drizzly skies, we’ve missed many of your faces in the last two months and aren’t sure if you even like the event. if you do, come show us…and your liver some love and get your jenga playin drank on.

here is the usual flyer ‘o deets:

see you there!

xo, pumpkin

free drinks! free show!

January 21, 2010

its a sad sad day. the last episode of the jersey shore is airing tonight, meaning that its also the last weekly jersey shore party at captain blacks. if you haven’t seen the show its a real world type spin off featuring the most ridiculous new jersey guidos and guidettes they could find. here’s a little visual:

and if you haven’t been to captain blacks for the show your missing out. for every time mike a.k.a. the situation says his nickname in each episode captain blacks and cazadores give you a FREE shot of tequila. last time we went everyone in the bar got 3! with fingers crossed the situation will speak in third person a lot tonight. the party and season finale of the show start at 9 so don’t be late.

now once we are all just as drunk as snooki leaving karma there’s a free show at numoes to attend. awhile back you might have heard about mad rad getting into a confrontation that got physical with a moe bar bouncer leaving them banned from playing at most cap hill venues. a year later the band has made amends and is back on the hill with their free show appropriately titled “squashed.” but if you ask me the real star of this show is macklemore. his split ep with ryan lewis sampling bands like the red hot chili peppers, the arcade fire, and the killers has been on heavy rotation on my itunes. the talented rapper will even be donating all proceeds of his merch sales to haiti. with 417 confirmed guests on the facebook event page it will sure be a packed show.

i’ll now leave you with macklemore’s video for the town, a video that should for sure make you appreciate living in such a beautiful city.

enjoy your freebies kids.

update: tickets gone as of 12:22 p.m.

the danish are coming, the danish are coming!

if you don’t know already, there’s an epic show a’brewin for tonight from one of our favorite scandinavian bands, mew.

after launching their newest album this year, no more stories are told today i’m sorry they washed away no more stories the world is grey i’m tired let’s wash away, what a mouthful, seattle subsonic wrote mew’s recently released album as a solid sequel to the ever beloved 2005 album, and the glass handed kites:

Oftentimes, I feel like I’ve been dreamily transported to the kid-friendly fantasias of The NeverEnding Story or Return to Oz. In composition, No More Stories… essentially picks up where 2005’s And The Glass Handed Kites left off: (Bo) Madsen’s colorful, uneven guitar treatises balance exuberant keyboard flourishes and (Jonas) Bjerre’s precocious, somewhat nonsensical choir-boy storytelling. Songs build up and break down, meander aimlessly and fly pointedly, sending listeners on enchanted journeys through implausible universes.

other music sites, such as pitchfork, proclaimed this new album is certainly poppier than their 2005 album, which was at once point described as, “a masterpiece for people who haven’t smoked weed yet but are thinking about it.” while these accolaids weren’t duplicated, they did say in that same review that no more stories… demands attention.

for deets, see the after the jump.

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