June 20, 2011

To the person knitting lamp posts & park benches in Cal Anderson: I love you.



Let’s slow dance

May 1, 2011

I’m not even going to try and tell you why you should be going to this. It’s a no brainer. Get dressed up. Get drunk. Slow dance and put your hand down your dates pants. This neighborhood already feels like high school, so why not a promenade?

Here are some deets:

Too punk in high school and never made it to prom? Monday May 2nd at 9pm Linda’s is putting on a prom for those who didn’t get a chance to get drunk and make bad decisions the first time around. DJs Executive Realness and Hank Rock will be playing the slow make out jams alongside the hits all night. We’ll have two photographers to capture your formal attire and intoxicated smiles as well as best-dressed awards!! (Drink Tickets! Sashes!) Cheap punch drink specials and a dance floor will set the mood. Dress to impress and you too can be voted into the prom court! Come live out your teenage fantasies at Linda’s Tavern!

block fucking party

July 24, 2010

i had to much a.d.d. to actually mobile blog the block party. but dude it was a great kick start to an already amazing weekend. check out a few of these crappy photos and go check in with straight crushing for reviews of the shows.

hot hot hot messes

June 29, 2010

whoa what a mess of a post that last one was! note to self: do not drink and blog. the house of hands tranny party was cray cray! check it out!

i miss my dad.

this isn’t him.

happy father’s day cap hill.

hey tranny!

June 15, 2010

this is going to be THE pride weekend party to attend. the kids behind house of hands who brought you last years halloween lot party, and this years zodiac parties are at it again and back in the havana lot! with inside djs, outside music & performances, 4 bars, photo booths & hairstyling, and a shit ton of trannys it sure to be a hot drunken mess of a party. take a look at all this entertainment ready to blow your eardrums out:

CJ and The Dolls (Portland),

And performances by:
Your Queen of Filth: Jackie HELL!
Your Sultry Dream: Ade!
Crisco Dick: Ben DeLacreme!
Teen Dream: Stella Rose!

Featuring Outside DJ’s:
DJ Res (Los Angeles, Cherry, Lick, Confessions, No Big Deal)
DJ Gameboy (Seattle, Shapes + Colours)

AND!! Your Inside Drag DJ’s!!:
Anita $nak (This Bitch)
Amoania (That Bitch)
Modee Trajadee (What A BITCH!!)

whoa, that’s a lot of djs, drag queens, and trannys. house of hands sure knows how to throw one hell of a party and this shits gonna top it all. so get out saturday the 28th and these kids will make sure your stumbling hungover (and still a little drunk) to the parade the next day.

go here to rsvp and learn how to buy tickets.

looks like myself and fellow zipsters (zipcar members) are in luck, as zipcar wants to be our valentine. that’s right, in the e-mail they just blasted to all capitol hill members:

If you’re one of the first 50 Zipsters to stop into the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St) tomorrow (Saturday, February 13) and flash your Zipcard, you’ll score a free cupcake. And, from 1 – 3pm, be sure to bring along a friend (or that person you’re hoping to land a date with for Valentine’s Day) ’cause we’ll be signing up new Zipcar members — and giving both you and the person you referred $50 driving credit once they’re approved.

as thought he zipcar e-mails aren’t entertaining enough – and for you non-members, let me tell you that they are – this is awesome!



capitol hill is already giving us a reason to rejoice the new year. sound transit took down that bufugly light installation for the someday light rail station today.

with all due respect to the artist, dan corson, that sore-eyed sight will not be something i’ll miss. frankly, i never understood what it was there for and frequently referenced it as an ‘urban christmas tree lot’ to my friends. i can confess that it was mildly attractive at night; however, in the daylight it looked absolutely horrendous.

i’m wondering what’s next for that hot spot – more ugly art? barren nothingness for the next six years?  i bet mom will know.

i’m not gonna lie, i seriously am going to miss those silly glasses. it’s just not going to be the same with out them. is new years even worth celebrating this year? it seems that it’s one of those over hyped holidays where no one knows exactly what they’re doing until the day of and that many times can lead to a disappointment. here’s a few options of whats going down on the hill this thursday to ring in the new decade:

nuemo’s is having there 5th anniversary decibel nye party featuring apparat, nosaj thing, and lusine. tickets are only 20 bucks to get your ass dancing to some fine electronic music accompanied with trippy visuals and lighting.

down at  the oddfellows hall is “as the world falls down” a labyrinth masquerade ball. the party will feature art installations, some of your favorite drag queens, music by cap hills own lisa dank, and stella rose gogo dancing. the labyrinth party is open bar with food by skillet. all sounds pretty cool right? well until you find out the tickets are $125 a pop. the only reason that isn’t absolutely absurd is that it is a lifelong AIDS alliance fundraiser so the profits are at least going to a good cause.

two different future and space themed party’s at pony and the lookout. dance your little robot hearts out. and if you fancy fireworks then the lookout is the place you want to be. you’ll get a perfect view of the space needles explosion show.

two of seattle’s favorite queer nights are also celebrating the new year. the long running comeback is switching its night for the big day, and fringe the new night at eagle will be partying until 4am if you can last that long.

also note worthy: minus the bear is playing off the hill at showbox market. and as chs reported the broadway liquor store will be having extended holiday hours until 10pm for all our boozing needs.

from all of us at captothehill have a very happy and safe new years!


halloween party pics

November 2, 2009

a nasty cold kept this pumpkin in, but from what i heard, the halloween party was a great success. here is some photographic proof via luis ongpin’s of streetpaparazzi:





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