a worthy birthday…

March 1, 2011

this is a birthday party good enough to get outta bed for.

but, lemme just say…

i hate people’s birthdays. why? ’cause they’re stupid. and the “parties” that go with them these days are even stupider.

no one sends out pink sparkly invites asking for an RSVP. there aren’t any Little Mermaid cakes and there is definitely no mint chocolate chip ice cream. i made people dress up as the cast from Grease THREE different times throughout the course of my childhood. don’t even get me started on wrapping presents, or if your mom was a lazy, uncreative bitch she’d buy a $20 contempo casuals gift ceretificate. last thought….goodie bags?! ugh.

today, we’re lucky if we get an enthusiastic (if that’s even possible) facebook invite where commitment means clicking the accept button. and then it just becomes a few friends that show up/happen to be in the same place buying well shots and getting shitfaced because YOU’RE getting older. slash it was wednesday.

but the birthday party you should go to is at the Redwood tonight. the bar turns five years old today and this place deserves some serious slum-dog love. granted the last time i was there i was sooo drunk i could barely pay my tab (sorry). that just means the bartenders take their jobs seriously.

you don’t have to bring a tower records gift card and the goodie bags come in the form of drink specials.



via punchyouinthefacebook:

let us pay homage to this little gem. happy birthday redwood. knock ’em dead.


Blogging from the bar

July 22, 2010

Speaking of big marios, I’m here playing scrabble, drinking a beer and occasinaly shooting the root! If you come here you should order one, it’s delicious. Don’t worry about what it is, Melissa will have you covered. And check out their collection of board games you can ask to play. Anyhow this is just a test post for my mobile blogging app. If it all works out plan on getting hella live pictures and uploads from block party this weekend. See you in the streets.

well, well, well… the time has come once again and this weekend is gonna be intense. 

kaitwe have a very special outsourced tonight…not only  do we have  guest dj udachi joining us for the mayhem we will be celebrating the departure of a goooood ol’ friend.

one of our closest lifelines is takin’ her sweet ass overseas and this will be her very last magic monday.

we’ll be driving her to the airport tomorrow eve so come and get it tonight….she won’t be around no  more.

for many of us, it is a bittersweet end to what has been a beautiful year with this girl around. btw-lets get her tanked.  


…..and tomorrow, after we’ve said our good-byes-the party is at hollyhood. it has been a colorful year hollhere at cap to the hill and we are celebrating that very fact.

we know we’ve slipped a bit lately (real life takes a lot of hours outta the day) but we promise we’ll stick around and throw a little more into the cyber world in the future! 

so come drink tonight to say good bye and tomorrow nite to say happy birthday to you friendly neighborhood blog. 

high five.

nonameet nona

this rockin’ skank thought she’d get a little older. blame her motivation on the free tequila shots(not the guaranteed hang over)….she and the gang will be rejoicing the fact that this little lady is turning  26 at this new place called the cha cha lounge located on pike street. not sure if you’ve heard about it….

wanna know a little more before you commit to the madness? check out her hileb survey answers:

1. Your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all.

i like to keep things classic. stay in the trifecta, ya feel? cha cha, moe bar, etc. but if i’m feeling the hunger pains, i go to redwood. cream corn nuggs…delish.
2. Your “alternative brand identity” prop. The one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are. Examples: red bandana, backstreet boy sweatshirt, turntables.
i wear a fanny pack and spandex. because you never know when you’re gonna need to flashdance.
3. The show line-up of your dreams: who is it, where is it at and what would you be on?
kanye west, pharrell, kings of leon and boyz II men. it’s in my backyard. i am in the hot tub, i am on pharrell.
4. Your hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is monday night so you are of course going out. Where ya goingyou lush?

linda’s to see dj juanita and dj lovinz. then over to moe bar to see my lady bartenders, britt and becks. thanks for still serving me late night, ladies, even though it always ends up in coat loss and walks of shame.
5. A classic survey question. Sum up your Capitol Hill in three words.
what just happened?

so if you know her, or even if you don’t, get out there and make some memories…cause lets be honest. memories are all we got these days!

xoxox missy! happpppppppy birthday!

happy birthday CHS

January 12, 2009

big momma is turning 3! 


jesus! blogging for three long years. that’s a whole lotta screen time. 

the progression  of the ‘premiere’ capitol hill blog, chs, is pretty impressive. they started out tiny and now they’re HUGE. and by huge i mean, killer readership. 

though we dog them for being a little too family friendly, we read everyday. actually we don’t just read, we steal stories/ideas/news etc from them as often as we can. kinda like taking a twenty out of moms purse when she wasn’t looking. hope they don’t mind. 

regardless, chs has become a staple to the seattle online blog community and we’re happy to share this hill with ’em. 

alright, chs. we challenge you to come out tonight. i know its a work nite but we don’t care. it’s monday and it’s time to party.

do you accept?  you know where we’ll be

Photobucketpizza fusion: not impressed, but hey – i didn’t pay
wednesday: one of the last studio’s!…ever?… and it’s

birthday – so you just gotta go, you just gotta!
bus stop: fingers crossed for thursday – imagine the the denny/olive triangle exploding with awesomeness as kids run from the ‘stop to the hils favorite avian lounge bar and back…ahhh…thursday,

prom it up, yo

December 2, 2008

it may be a far cry from the purple princess puke bags we wore to “a night to remember” circa 2001, but awkward pics and the matching corsages are still encouraged:

it’s the prom remix-birthday edition!

two kids that help make cap hill so fuckin’ neat are passing on the birthday candles and doing something way better….

so dress up, grab a date and get ready for the super cool “hotel party” after it all goes down. 

what happens at prom def doesn’t stay at prom…


swc back in flyer making action, btw. looks bomb, boyyyyy!

because i can

August 9, 2008

can’t fool you guys

happy birthday to me

this is belated. 

he was belig

will was turning 24 last night and he was not afraid to let you know. 

this is our virtual birthday cake player. 

i bet your feeling g-g-g-reat today. 

thanks to mount dungeon for the pic.

two fine hillebrities with birthday weekends:


this is niki, aka mr. sugar. by day he takes refuge at bimbo’s – pouring the strongest whiskey gingers this side of the misssissippi.

having spent many an afternoon with this fellow discussing our NOLA heydays, his dreams of malta, and counting down the minutes until he regains his proper ‘tender throne at the bus stop. he will be at the redwood tonight after 7.

grab his balls and buy him a drink.


this is lindsey rae, aka disco dolly. beautiful and poisonous, she is fuckin’ everywhere and will appreciate your birthday love all weekend-month-year long. this fine gal will turn any conversations into an argument, then laughter, jokes, more arguments, and finally total disgust.

i owe her a belated favor from the unamerican days. perhaps a generous reader can make it up for me.

happy birthday kids!