Lost bird?

April 4, 2011

Can someone please explain this to me?


So I don’t know shit about domesticated birds, but wouldn’t this thing just fly the fuck away? And If I’m gonna be chasing this little shit head around I think I deserve more then just 75 bucks. Come on, what if I gotta climb a tree, roof, or where the fuck ever birds hang out?

The sign informs us that the birds name is “Bird.” REALLY? You couldn’t come up with a better fucking name then Bird? Now if I spot this thing fluttering around Volunteer park and start chasing it around calling out “Bird! Come here Bird!! …BIRRRRD!!!!” then I’m gonna look like a fucking crazy person.


One Response to “Lost bird?”

  1. I’ll explain it to you. Someone lost their cockatiel and they would like to have it back. That bird is going to get cold, hungry and thirsty and is going to look for human help. So if you or anyone else finds the bird, do the right thing and contact the owner! It is as simple as that.

    Karen, Volunteer
    911 Parrot Alert

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