March 27, 2011

Good news guys! You can now order a bowl of delicious crickets on capitol hill! Thanks to Poquitos opening up next week on the corner of 10 & pike. What we always wanted!



In case you didn’t pick up on my sarcasm let me just tell you: this shit freaks me the fuck out. Maybe I’m just uptight, or too much of a picky eater but EW!

So I actually worked up the courage to eat one, because I thought I would regret passing up the experience later. Only to find out that I was right all along. That shit was gross.

Anyway, here are my other thoughts about the joint:
+ the guacamole was delicious.

– everything else we ate (tacos, pozole, black bean soup, the house salad) was subpar.

– samesies for the drink menu. The house marg was okay, but the other fancy pants chipotle infused jalepeno blah blah and tequila mango puree blah blah blah were all very, well, blah.

+/- mixed feelings about the space. Some friends and fellow diners pointed out that 1. The sound system sucked and 2. The acoustics of the place with “a million hand painted tiles” could get very very loud and annoying on a rowdy bridge & tunnel kinda Friday night.

+ the patio is gonna be epic! While it’s not completed (or at least wasn’t when I dined there on Friday afternoon) I am already convinced that it will be the greatest thing to infiltrate our beloved trifecta.

+ the hand made ice-pops are the best thing I consumed at Poquitos. They are amazingly cute, charming, and fun. But most importantly delicious!


Seriously tho, go visit the place when it opens up and form your own opinions because god knows I’m no expert.

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