R.I.P. online coffee co.

March 9, 2011

after receiving the following texts from cocoa i had to go check over at chs if the news was true. it was and even tho i’m not a coffee drinker myself, i was sad, for cocoa’s sake as she mentioned it in her top five best study nooks.

so there you have it. online is dead, and cocoa hates on arabica. i for one had a pleasant time there recently. i don’t study but had no trouble kickin it editing some photos in the charmingly decorated cafe. any place with a gnome gets hecka points in my book:

i guess cocoa needs a new nook. any suggestions? i actually will miss oco considering the 14th ave local was one of my favorite places to peer into on my walks to and from work. R.I.P.


6 Responses to “R.I.P. online coffee co.”

  1. Liz said

    So, is the one on Harvard and John (right off Broadway) still there?
    They always seemed pretty busy.
    Great coffee too.

  2. ryebread said

    sadly, all 3 are shut down.

  3. pete said

    Crazy, I just gave a lost dude directions there last night. It always felt (and looked) very spacious, so I guess that mean they didn’t get enough business. 😦

  4. Rachel L. said

    Tell her on the same block is Porchlight, on 14th between Pine/Pike. Real small, independent place, quiet too. I’ve spent whole hours there head’s down with work and wasn’t interrupted.

  5. Bree said

    I loved online coffee! I use to use them till I got an Iphone, then I stopped needing to use one of the dirty beige pc’s to check email when I was out around town. I will remember the shifty-eyed guy looking up porn in the corner with fond memories. Sigh.

    I guess our consolation prize is that Arabica has cute boys:

  6. Jesss Q said

    arabica is quite nice! I love the owner and baristas. But for studies i recommend Victrola and stumptown on pine. there is also a victrola on 15th as well.

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