seattle cannabis journal

March 8, 2011

in a world map of stereotypes we are known as the stoners, and you know what? i’ll take it. compared to the rest at least. maybe not for everyone but just take a walk through cal anderson on a sunny summer day and you’ll smell it. they’re plenty of us out there. and now if you want to dive deeper into the in’s & out’s of medical marijuana check out the seattle cannabis journal. in their own words:

Seattle Cannabis Journal discusses all things Cannabis and culture in the city of Seattle. Our focus includes medicinal use, reviews and recommendations, photos, and essays concerning all forms of Cannabis ingestion for medical purposes.

like did you know that last month they held the first cannabis farmers market? pretty fucking cool if you ask me. SCJ’s review of the market navigates you through the different strains, edibles, and tinctures that the many medical marijuana vendors provide. more dates have been added for the market to pop back up at the little red bistro down on dexter & harrison.

anyway, its fat tuesday! how about we go get stoned, head down to captain blacks for the mardi gras edition of chicken & waffles tuesdays! my mouth is already watering.


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