dear anarchists,

February 27, 2011


(in case your old:

more deets over


in other news… yogurtland (pictured above) comes to broadway. ZzZzZzZzzzzZZZzzZZZ. whats next? the gap? FFS, cap hill.


15 Responses to “dear anarchists,”

  1. Pudding Tane said

    I agree wholeheartedly with the anti-knucklehead sentiment here, but the typo detracts from the message. “In case you’re old” not “your old.”

  2. Paris Thesia said

    I agree with the anti-knucklehead message, but the you’re/your typo before the urbandictionary URL detracts a little.

  3. seandr said

    Did you know that the Gap used to be located in Broadway market next to Urban Outfitters?

  4. ryebread said

    @pudding tane & paris: all i have to say to both of you is that YOUR both old. and i do what i mother fucking want.

    @ seandr: i did not know that. but i bet that pudding tane & paris would have loved to buy blue hoodies from there if it still existed.

  5. Paris Thesia said

    …and you spell like a motherfucking dolt. YOU’RE welcome. I heart my blue Gap hoodie.

  6. Sheldon said

    Ahh, come on people, let’s find REAL things to fight over. We could all just love one another?

    Tho, the spelling errors are quite distracting. : /

  7. ryebread said

    im a photographer not a writer. i think your all smart enough to get what i am saying. get the fuck over it. im not writing you a fucking english essay. this is the internet. come on people.

  8. S Vandelay said

    “i think your all smart enough to get what i am saying”.

    YOU’RE saying that you didn’t make it past middle school? That’s where they tech you how to use contractions in English class.

  9. ryebread said

    you smart people are funny.

  10. James said

    Little boys and little girls throwing shit in the street and breaking windows. Fucking posers.

    You ain’t fighting the police state you are feeding it.

  11. Oxford said

    S Vandelay you’re/your/yore comment is insightful indeed! Clearly your subconcious typed “tech” as it gravely fears technology is strangling the life out of the (prescribed) English language. Also you’r/yolk/yours superfluous inclusion of “in English class” really highlights the author’s point that these conventions were taught/teched to be used in English class, which this certainly is not.

    Also this is a post about ANARCHY! Don’t let the man tell you where to punctuate! PUNCTUATE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!xforlife

  12. Dur said

    Yeah, stick it to those geriatric, Gap-shopping, technophobic grammar/punctuation Nazis! Let’s focus on the real issue here: mediocre photography and subpar writing. Keep it up! The world is your text message.

  13. paul stewart said

    Silly children throwing stuff in the streets, breaking glass, and leaving moronic messages on Broadway. Then running like cowards when SPD shows up. You people are my heroes.LOL

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