PSA: quit it with the damn phone

February 16, 2011

I promised I’d write this somewhat intoxicated (?) so here goes: Your phone makes you infinitely more unattractive.

Cool man, you got that cute new text message from that cute girl/boy/job/horoscope hotline/bandmate/talent scout/one night stand/roommate/roommates’ little sibling/coworker/petsitter/neighbor/landlord/pet/blogger/whocaresman, aren’t you here to be with your friends?

That guy in the bar stool? That’s your friend. You came to meet up with someone/anyone. I’ve worked in the service industry long enough to know that people can’t seem to sit alone at a table without a book or a goddamn phone, but when you’re with others? More than just rude, but a perpetuating system of loneliness. Let it go. Be wherever you are, with whoever you’re with, & so forth. Seeing a row of bar stools illuminated by the lights off their dim mobile phone screens is debilitating. What cool technology! What sad humanity.

I get it, sure. A quick message here or there, yeah. “I’m at this bar! Come meet up!” But when you spend the night hunched over a 3×2″ screen, perhaps all the liquor in the world won’t salvage your evening.


One Response to “PSA: quit it with the damn phone”

  1. Photographed said

    I understand your sentiment, but forcing a context onto a picture just to perpetuate an argument on how humanity should live THEIR lives is elitist and counter-productive. Perhaps that group of people on their phones that you’re staring down at through your furrowed brow just realized that none of them could remember a certain actor from a certain movie, and are racing playfully to be the first to rediscover a name. Maybe all the dudes in this photograph are threatening a three-way phone photo retaliation if the photographer takes their picture. Perhaps they really are bored as fuck with each others company.

    That being said, please take my picture off your cool to the fucking bone blog.

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