I, Barfly

February 11, 2011

Do you ever look around the bar you’re drinking at and think who the hell are these people? Where do they come from, and why are they here? I decided I wanted to find out. I have some photos of the barflys I encountered last night at the crescent. Besides snapping their portrait I asked them their drink & bar of choice. Here is who I found:

Panda, 28 / Capitol Hill
Drink: soda water
Bar: crescent

Jonathan, 33 / Beacon Hill
Drink: vodka soda
Bar: crescent, barca, neighbors

Alex, 21 / U-District
Drink: vodka soda “because i’m trying to lose weight but normally tequila, like, margaritas & anything with foam. it’s almost spring break, lets be honest.”
Bar: lobby, purr, moe bar

More barflys after the jump:

From left to right:

Stacey / Maple leaf
Drink: whiskey on the rocks
Bar: my backyard

Lindsay / Columbia city
Drink: red bull vodka
Bar: unicorn

Bianca / Capitol hill
Drink: gin & tonic
Bar: oriental express, crescent

Natassia, 26 / Mount lake terrace
Drink: fireball whiskey
Bar: cha cha, wildrose, purr

Ian, 30 /Capitol hill
Drink: vodka soda
Bar: cha cha, purr, cuff


One Response to “I, Barfly”

  1. Natasssia said

    LOVES IT! Will be @ The Crescent Tonight!

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