study nooks!

February 9, 2011

It’s midterm season! Which is mere weeks away from finals season, which is days from the whole recursive system again commencing. There are not enough nooks in this damn city for everyone to have a decent corner. There’s an endless array of coffeehouses, but with expanding options comes excessive nitpicking. I always ultimately decide on the Cal Anderson Vivace — only to again woefully realize that utopian study haven has long since been plowed over, through, under, & out.

So where to tuck yourself away? By far, the coziest coffeehouse is Fremont Coffee (it’s a house!), & of course the University District is chock full of study nooks (Suzzalo reading room! Allegro! Le Fournil!); but perhaps that’s for another investigation.

The big 5 on Capitol Hill seem to be:

But let’s mull over some other potential spaces. Here’s some I’ve bunkered down in & gave merit to based on reliability of internet, strength of coffee, & late hours. Tell me, how the hell Seattle not have an allnight coffee house? Even fucking Olympia does (it’s owned by gothic orthodontists nonetheless!)


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February 9, 2011

Despair not! Days like these are why we toil day in day out here under Seattle’s murky skies. It’s for those stray days that sneak in to lift the blanket of drear. It’s just the beginning of February. I saw my own shadow on the pavement today, smothered by bright golden light. So, here’s to another Seattle summertime. Because summer is in every moment the sun breaks.