case of the mondays

February 8, 2011

we know you probably woke up hung over today after that horrid super bowl sunday, because you had to drink an extra case of pbr after being forced to watch that shit show known as the black eyed peas during half time. unless of course you where smart enough to tune into the puppy bowl instead. in that case, props to you. mondays suck, but whats new?

okay, i know its kind of redundant to complain about seattle weather but uhg, really? today it poured down buckets of rain with thunder and lighting to boot & it also freakin hailed in queen anne. and now more then ever i am day dreaming of summer. but get a load of this. starbucks new huge trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. drinkin on madison beach will never be the same…summer please hurry up.

ok and what the fuck is this? is a social network site of missed connections on crack for horny hipster & jock college students alike. here are some examples from the seattle u’s page:

At Camp 1018: Female, Blonde

I always see you sitting on the edge of the bed from my room in Bell. I’m normally not able to see you but i bought some military grade binoculars just for this. you have your hair up in a bun, blue v-neck sweater and grey sweatpants… and you’re studying math. test tomorrow? good luck!

At Camp 10: Female, Blonde

You’re always hanging out with really cool people, especially that one asian hipster. I’m not as cool as them but I just have to say, i think you’re beautiful.

At C Street: Male, Brunette

When you walked through the cafeteria with your flannel unbuttoned just enough for your chest hair to peek out turned me on. You’re a hot man!

kind of creepy. man, i am so happy i am not in college.