$5 Cover: Seattle

February 2, 2011

Wonder no more what ever became of last year’s taping of a MTV project called $5 Cover: Seattle. It debuted last winter & was regaled heavily at a SIFF screening, though that may have more to do with emerging Seattle talent being showcased on any stage than the actual show itself. $5 Cover is now available in a series of 12 chopped up webisodes here.

Shot around the city, including some essential Capitol Hill spaces (Cairo, Oddfellows, Wildrose), beautifully shot performances can get a little smothered by the really hokey plot & even worse dialogue. When all of that production is scaled down a bit, there’s a few redeeming moments in there–but it’s more just a montage of recognizable faces & places that keep us watching. That, & Thee Emergency‘s Dita Vox is captivating both confidently on stage & vulnerably off.

Watch, enjoy, share, discuss, nap, celebrate Seattle however you can…


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