$5 Cover: Seattle

February 2, 2011

Wonder no more what ever became of last year’s taping of a MTV project called $5 Cover: Seattle. It debuted last winter & was regaled heavily at a SIFF screening, though that may have more to do with emerging Seattle talent being showcased on any stage than the actual show itself. $5 Cover is now available in a series of 12 chopped up webisodes here.

Shot around the city, including some essential Capitol Hill spaces (Cairo, Oddfellows, Wildrose), beautifully shot performances can get a little smothered by the really hokey plot & even worse dialogue. When all of that production is scaled down a bit, there’s a few redeeming moments in there–but it’s more just a montage of recognizable faces & places that keep us watching. That, & Thee Emergency‘s Dita Vox is captivating both confidently on stage & vulnerably off.

Watch, enjoy, share, discuss, nap, celebrate Seattle however you can…


mid week music moment 2/2

February 2, 2011

two shows you should check out this friday:

fences will be opening for against me! at neumos on friday. we dig these guys.
tickets are sold out but i’m sure you can finagle your way in. 😉

or you can head off the hill and down to the croc for the blow. just look how cute they are. tickets are 13 bones and you can get them here.

hey, that last video makes me want to karaoke. crescent tonight anyone?

a new leaf

February 2, 2011