update: tickets gone as of 1:45 pm.

what are you doing tomorrow? nothing? good because we want to hook you up with some free tickets for a mighty fineeee lookin show at neumos.

the get up kids (www, myspace)

you know these guys, & if you’re like me they provided the soundtrack for the majority of your younger years. you probably have made a few mix tapes for some crush you had sophomore year of high school that included at least one song from something to write home about, an album so great they played a whole reunion tour 2 years ago to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its release. to this day you still come home after every camping trip and blast “campfire kansas” recounting the whole weekend spent eating shrooms and spending hours in a hot spring on top of the olympic peninsula, because it’s only appropriate. in 2005, your heart was crushed when you found out the band broke up, the same way you were crushed when the aforementioned mix wasn’t received as well as your dopey little emo kid heart had hoped for. but let’s just fast forward to today, the day you will win tickets to see them, back together at last. on the road again for their 5th full length album, there are rules, they are sure to put on a good show after the bands 6 year hiatus. plus they will be in good company with these guys:

steel train (www, myspace)

& river city extension (www, myspace)

the deets:

  • who: the get up kids (headliner), steel train & river city extension (openers)
  • where: neumos
  • when: tomorrow (wed 2/2) @ 7:00 p.m. doors/ 8:00 p.m. show
  • misc.:
    • all ages (bar w/ i.d.)
    • tickets are $21.00 adv. @ www.etix.com, Moe Bar, Singles Going
      Steady and all Sonic Boom locations. $24.00 D.O.S.

for the win:

first person (+1) to e-mail us at captothehill@gmail.com will get the free tix.
include your first and last under the subject line “get up kids.”