just vote.

November 2, 2010

Washington’s mail-in ballot system? Kind of bogus.

Not voting because of it? Kind of just bullshit.

Did you receive your ballot in the mail? Cool, you voted; it had to have been postmarked today. Oh wait, you didn’t? I didn’t either, though I did happen to receive three separate neighbors car mechanics magazines, utility bills, & Netflix rentals. It’s far too late to request another copy. I yearn for the old standard, which seems far better suited to encourage civic participation. You show up, you are surrounded by fellow neighborhood voters, you stand behind a curtain & pull a lever, you receive an “I voted!” sticker to boast your civic responsibility, you go home, & you watch the immediate results stream in. It is Election Day; it is not this dubious Election Phase. But this system is what it is, at least for now, until perhaps they introduce an end prompt checkbox: “Do you prefer the manner in which you cast your votes?”

Now here’s what you do:

You get yourself downtown & stat (with an id) & you cast your vote & the Union Station polling place, which will be open until 8pm tonight.

It is at:

401 S Jackson St


Seattle, WA 98104

Don’t say it’s an off year either — mid-term elections will set the balance for the remainder of Obama’s first term, & there’s plenty of initiatives on slate.

So just vote, which will allow you to whine about the sorry state of affairs for precisely one additional year.


-here’s The Stranger’s endorsements, if you need to fill in some blanks.
– Really really civically befuddled? At least register for next time.


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