theres a new pizza place in town

July 22, 2010

here are some photos of the new big marrio’s we took for straight crushing‘s (our new blog bffs) review of the opening night. check out the pics and his thoughts on the new joint.

The Godsend that is Big Mario’s (located between 11th & 10th on Pike) opened last night. I went with the full intention of taking notes, trying the well liquors, & sampling all of the delicious pies they had available. That is when things went wrong.

To be fair I did get through  2 slices. For $3.75, I started off with the potato (thinly sliced) & garlic (whole cloves) which satisfied every drunken Irish craving I was struck with. Savory, hot, & in herculean portions, I was pleased. I’ve never been one to fold my pizzas in half (if I wanted a calzone I would’ve ordered one) but it proved almost impossible to handle these serving sizes with dignity. Its hard not to love 18″ pies cut into 6 slices. Its enormous. Enormous.

When the Rainer tallboy & whiskey shot started rumbling I moved on to the cheese ($2.75), just to test the old standby (I found it hard to deny myself, you can put the food order on your bar tab & they have some table service). It was everything I was looking for in my state. And rest assured (dear reader) it will be everything you are looking for Thurs-Sat when their street side window service open until 4AM (2AM otherwise). Maybe Seattle is becoming a real-life big city. 4AM. This is a good thing (I’m looking at you Mr. McGinn).

read more here…

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