cheap mannie-peddies: swoon is finally affordable

February 25, 2010

if you’re anything like me, you’d sooner spend $27 on a whole kitchen ensemble a la value village than mimic our belltown gal “pals” to get those acrylics filled and those footsies a’rubbin.

however, as i look down at my nails – flaked with tinkles of nail polish applied an embarrassingly long time ago – i realize that sometimes you have to indulge. if this sounds like a familiar scene and you need a professional to come to the rescue then it looks like swoon spa’s daily deal is right for the both of us.

for today*, they’re offering: manicure + pedicure = $27!

since it joined our neck of the woods, i have certainly avoided eye contact with swoon spa, let alone considered entering this swanky spot. however, if this isn’t the deal to finally say ‘welcome’ then i don’t know what is.

indulge bitches, you deserve it.

i realize you gents likely could care less, but if you have a special lady that could use some tlc, may as well treat them to a solid deal that will make them think you spent a whole hellofalot more than you actually did.

*you only have to buy today, you can go anytime within the next year.

❤ pumpkin


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