free drinks! free show!

January 21, 2010

its a sad sad day. the last episode of the jersey shore is airing tonight, meaning that its also the last weekly jersey shore party at captain blacks. if you haven’t seen the show its a real world type spin off featuring the most ridiculous new jersey guidos and guidettes they could find. here’s a little visual:

and if you haven’t been to captain blacks for the show your missing out. for every time mike a.k.a. the situation says his nickname in each episode captain blacks and cazadores give you a FREE shot of tequila. last time we went everyone in the bar got 3! with fingers crossed the situation will speak in third person a lot tonight. the party and season finale of the show start at 9 so don’t be late.

now once we are all just as drunk as snooki leaving karma there’s a free show at numoes to attend. awhile back you might have heard about mad rad getting into a confrontation that got physical with a moe bar bouncer leaving them banned from playing at most cap hill venues. a year later the band has made amends and is back on the hill with their free show appropriately titled “squashed.” but if you ask me the real star of this show is macklemore. his split ep with ryan lewis sampling bands like the red hot chili peppers, the arcade fire, and the killers has been on heavy rotation on my itunes. the talented rapper will even be donating all proceeds of his merch sales to haiti. with 417 confirmed guests on the facebook event page it will sure be a packed show.

i’ll now leave you with macklemore’s video for the town, a video that should for sure make you appreciate living in such a beautiful city.

enjoy your freebies kids.

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