$5 cover: seattle

January 19, 2010

so you might have heard that mtv was in town this summer filming a new show featuring some of seattle’s very own indie musicians. the show is $5 cover and is a second in the series following the city memphis. the show takes real bands and writes their members into a captivating storyline about them and the city’s electrifying music scene. $5 cover features the following talented seattle bands: champagne champagne, thee emergency, whiskey tango, the maldives, the moondoggies, the lights, weekend, sean nelson, god, the tea cozies, the corespondents, the spits, and thee satsifaction. here is a map of the bands, members, and relationships of the cast:

cupcake and i got a sneak peak (and a snapshot) while we where eating at oddfellows one of the series film locations. award winning filmmaker lynn shelton who brought us the seattle comedy “hump day” is pictured with the rest of the large mtv crew that took over the already busy restaurant:

other hill locations that mtv filmed at include chop suey and the wildrose while the tractor tavern, and nectar lounge are some of the other seattle music venues featured. check out the following trailer for the show:

looks pretty tight! we will defiantly be watching.

xo, ryebread

One Response to “$5 cover: seattle”

  1. Dana said

    wow, that looks great. Love their band choices. Glad you posted this.

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