tonight: fringe

January 8, 2010

there’s a new weekly you should know about if you don’t already. picking up from where hardtimes left off: fringe has taken up residency at the seattle eagle every friday night. artists, queers, hipsters, drag queens, go-go dancers all unite under one bar roof every week with a different theme. the fringe nights can feel like a scene right out of the movie party monster… minus macaulay culkin unfortunately. so far the themes have been anywhere from a cute candy night to a morbid medical theme. and now fringe takes on the years you probably would like to forget with a puberty party! ahh, the good old days of squeeky voices, pimples, and first periods. it’s gonna be a good night so dust off your old girl talk board game and slap on some of those zit stickers and lets get awkward on the dance floor. fringe will even be having a yearbook glamour shot photo sesh. count me in. and if i’m lucky they will play my new guilty pleasure tik tok. yea… i just admitted that.

see you there. xo.

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