hey mew, you’re playing at neumos tonight and have free tickets?

December 10, 2009

update: tickets gone as of 12:22 p.m.

the danish are coming, the danish are coming!

if you don’t know already, there’s an epic show a’brewin for tonight from one of our favorite scandinavian bands, mew.

after launching their newest album this year, no more stories are told today i’m sorry they washed away no more stories the world is grey i’m tired let’s wash away, what a mouthful, seattle subsonic wrote mew’s recently released album as a solid sequel to the ever beloved 2005 album, and the glass handed kites:

Oftentimes, I feel like I’ve been dreamily transported to the kid-friendly fantasias of The NeverEnding Story or Return to Oz. In composition, No More Stories… essentially picks up where 2005’s And The Glass Handed Kites left off: (Bo) Madsen’s colorful, uneven guitar treatises balance exuberant keyboard flourishes and (Jonas) Bjerre’s precocious, somewhat nonsensical choir-boy storytelling. Songs build up and break down, meander aimlessly and fly pointedly, sending listeners on enchanted journeys through implausible universes.

other music sites, such as pitchfork, proclaimed this new album is certainly poppier than their 2005 album, which was at once point described as, “a masterpiece for people who haven’t smoked weed yet but are thinking about it.” while these accolaids weren’t duplicated, they did say in that same review that no more stories… demands attention.

for deets, see the after the jump.

between this solid follow-up album and the idea of a neverlandish, fantastical show, you know you’re curious of the spectacle that will be tonight.

the deets:

  • who: mew (headliner), the lonely forest (opener)
  • where: neumos
  • when: tonight (thurs 12/10) @ 8 p.m. doors
  • misc.:
    • all ages (bar w/ i.d.)
    • tickets are $14

for the win:

  • first two people (each gets a +1) to e-mail us at captothehill@gmail.com will get the free tix


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