OMGod in my mouth

November 20, 2009

so, after the tragic loss of what ryebread and i would so affectionately call the TT, the quest for quick food has turned interesting. and by interesting i mean i have found my new obsession.

get ready for visual and verbal food porn:

the grilled pork vietnamese sandwich ala ballet on pike is fucking solid gold goodness. ok, yes, i admit i have written about ballet before because of they’re cheap prices and proximity to vita-which at the time i was living in thanks to that worthless thing called getting a degree. but this is important…

maybe you’ve seen the sign ‘now serving vietnamese sandwiches’. well it should say ‘now serving finger licking get in my mouth amazingness’ because thats what it is.

the combination of juicy pork strips and marinated veggies is unreal-think the vietnamese version of the paseo pork sandwich. the sandwich drips with a rich, creamy sauce that makes the sliced jalepenos almost sweet and totally tolerable. i could barely finish the whole thing but did so because putting it down seemed way to sad.

i wanted to let you know about this cause i want to scream it off the rooftops. they’re friggin’ cheap too! totally a huge sandwich for under 5 bucks. ballet gives you dumb hippie options too, so if you’re into that vegetarian bullshit you can still try one-sorry pumpkin:)

anyways, get your ass to ballet and order one to go. i don’t like eating in the presence of a dirty fish tank…



p.s. ballet restaurant is located at 914 E Pike St right across from via trib!


One Response to “OMGod in my mouth”

  1. Steven Severin said

    I know it’s off the hill but Saigon Deli and New Saigon Deli on 12th and Jackson have the best Bahn Mi for $2! Go there.

    P.S. Ballet is all about Curry Mock Chicken.

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