no more tacos

November 18, 2009


so i wake up and my first thoughts come at me quick. the hazy mix, with obvious priorities, was as follows:



coca-cola in my mouth!



after what was a draining, but peaceful day yesterday  getting out of bed was harder than usual. i guess i shoulda expected it. and once i friggin’ did it and made the executive decision to actually pay hard-earned cash for a combo mean at taco time i was derailed.

taco time, the fine mexican eatery literally 50 feet from my apartment building’s door, was CLOSED….FOREVER!

this has been a hangover staple. when i need a fountain soda STAT, taco time has always been there. when ryebread needed tots to fill his belly, taco time was there. when i needed to tell someone how to get to my apartment i could just utter the words ‘taco time on madison’ and three were no more questions. god damnitttt.

after this zinger i accepted i had to venture further. i needed to go to 7-11 for the soda, but obviously not for food. the dilemma of where to go first was rifled with numerous factors. to take a super gulp to madison market just seemed wrong but i was so thirsty now that the thought of waiting till after i had picked out lunch and gone thru the lines was just too painful.

in the end, everything worked out. but for a moment in time life was just too much to bear-all because of fucking taco time shutting it’s doors on us.

peace out. it’s been real…


3 Responses to “no more tacos”

  1. pete said

    I’m sad to see it go, but I only went once, and that was when some off-hill friends were at my place and asked “Is there a Taco Time around here?”. Fast food fills a weird need for me; I don’t eat it very often, but I’m glad it’s there when I do.

    It’s not really the same, but at least Rancho Bravo is in the old KFC. It’s kinda like fast food…

  2. ryebread said

    Im really gonna miss me some mexi fri’s

  3. anne said

    Try Bluebird at 12th and Pike. It has awesome hot sandwiches and soups. Hot soup very soothing for a hangover.

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