partytime: kid sister at neumo’s

October 16, 2009

anyone who can rap about gettin’ her nails did for over three minutes is fine by me.

kid sister

one of the sweetest family affairs is about to hit neumo’s tuesday night and missing it is just not an option. lets be honest,we’re not dancing as much as we used to in these parts, but for this show we’re coming outta hiding. kid sister, kanye’s most recent protege, and her real life brother, j2k of flosstradamus,  are working the stage toegteher along with four color zack. oh shiiit.

when was the last time you were excited about a good night of dancing. and don’t tell me girl talk….psh.

the girl knows what she’s doing-how could she not with the talent she’s got behind her? so cancel your wednesday morning work shift and chug some vodka. this show is for you.

we”ll be giving away two tickets for the show on monday so keep checkin’ in.


2 Responses to “partytime: kid sister at neumo’s”

  1. she is so damn hot send those tickets my way.

  2. sandy said

    are the tix still up for grabs?

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