tavern law=tavern barf

September 6, 2009

ok, ok…so it wasn’t as painful as maybe i wish it had been but tavern law is not helping our cause. (our cause being gettin’ crazy on the cheap with people who don’t entirely suck. they can suck partially but not totally)

the name, tavern law, is a reference to an actual law from a long fricking time ago that legalized the sale of alcohol. woo hoo! they’re so clever. get the run down here…if you care. i hope you don’t. tavern law’s website explains the mission of their bar is to celebrate our history. sounds like a real good time.

tavern's lawthe space is acceptable, a little smaller than expected, but nonetheless handsome. tavern law, undenyably quinn’s newest competition, could almost be described as a little corny. get this: the bartenders are all wearing matching vests and ties-they might have been bow ties, but i can’t remember.

the main ‘attraction’ is the house phone. you pick it up and tell the host on the other end how many are in your party. then they tell you how looooong you are going to have to wait until you and your friends can make way into the super duper, rad, cool, you’re so blinging VIP private bar. we were gonna have to wait 45 minutes. BARF. we left immediately. furthur more, the upstairs bar doesn’t even give you a choice of beverages. you drink what the bartender serves you. i mean, what are the chances of getting a bottle of bud? that’s a game i’m just no willing to play.

check it for yourself. of course i haven’t tried the food and im sure its fucking great but it probably will never happen. as for the scene at night, its what you’d expect. true religions and  jager bombs.  enter at your own risk.


One Response to “tavern law=tavern barf”

  1. Aaron said

    No sweat. Glad to know you’re going to be chilling at Linda’s. More room for me.

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