it’s really happening….

August 19, 2009

i am writing from the havana parking lot. i am sitting on a black leather couch watching some cool kids work hard. i’m having a fruit punch gatorade writing to you, but hey! who’s counting…

and yes i know captothehill has been way m.i.a. for the past few weeks but i can promise you we’ve been working our hungover asses off. and not keeping you in the loop (i.e. posting pix of you drunks) has given us guilt we just can’t shake. please give us a break. this party is for you.

500 Pine posters

here are the goods:

the party is tomorrow night. thursday. august 20th. 8pm. shitballs.

we have a little bit of info for those coming, and for those who aren’t so they can regret there poor life decisions. some of you have some questions regarding entry  since this is a private party. Listen carefully, but don’t sweat it to hard. We’ll getcha in.

TICKETS: as you know this is a ‘private party’ which means you either need a ticket or need to be on the list. the ticket and being on the list is virtually the same thing. if you have a ticket bring it. the ticket is for you and a +1. You may have to wait in line.

LIST: if you have confirmed your attendance on facebook you will be on the list. the ticket and being on the list may overlap for some of you, but this does not matter. keep in mind there are over 400 people on the list. you may have to wait in line.


General Details:

party starts at 8pm.

the havana parking lot is located at 1000 e. pike street.

a special happy hour from 8-9pm.

5 specialty drinks just for us.


taco truck.

dance floor.

skate ramp.

more. more. more.

the havana bar inside accepts cash and cards.

the bar outside accepts only cash.
21+. (duh)


we don’t want to give away all our secrets just yet. we’re working hard for you so come on by. the bottom line here is that we all wanna have a little fun remembering a block that meant huge things for so many of us.

simple. honest. celebratory. that’s all this is.

see you tomorrow.

old corridor


5 Responses to “it’s really happening….”

  1. Brandi A. said

    How do you get on the list? Somehow I missed the bit about facebook requesting.

  2. Mona said

    Hey I need one ticket to the party please. Send me a link.

  3. Fuck this pretentious bullshit. That party sucked and so did the concept.

  4. pumpkin said

    abrahn, what’s got you so blue? we heard great things about the party and most of the cap to the hill writers worked their asses off to throw a party for you!

    surely the concept didn’t suck. the competition was fierce and it was that very concept that won.

    what sucks are comments that don’t divulge anything. any monkey can say something is lame, tell us WHY it was lame. otherwise, we’ll just assume you’re an imbecile with a chip on your shoulder.

  5. pumpkin said

    brandi & mona – hope you two lovelies were able to get in. the facebook registration was a bit tricky so we apologize if we didn’t do a good job to promote that.

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