pike/pine blog will be missed: replacements?

July 27, 2009

the break-up of the summer has hit and we’re still weeping in our froku.

that’s right folks…street style fashionista, jasmine park, author of pike/pine is no longer reserving her eye to oggle seattle street fashion on the streets of pike and pine.

debuting her first post in september 2006, park featured pretty regular pics of the fabulous faces and giddy ups of our favorite hillebrities, neighbors and newcomers. here are some of my favorite pike/pine posts:











cravin a fix of park’s photgraphy? fret not, she has started up a new blog, face like a blessing.

if you’re wondering what now. we’re in the same boat. all major cities have street fashion blogs documenting daily street fashion of its resdients. to name a few:

without someone to document it, i think seattle is really missing out (particularly cap hill, which undeniably rocks some of the greatest varied looks of any neighborhood). so the question is not when will something like pike/pine pick back up, it’s a matter of who.

he keeps a low profile, but i think garrett over at garretlives has perfect potential. a stylish gent, this guy takes some seriously whoopass photos. check out his zombie collection.


who do you think would make for the next best pike/pine blogger?


9 Responses to “pike/pine blog will be missed: replacements?”

  1. ali said

    there is someone way better then pike/pine


  2. pumpkin said


    thanks for the link, i definitely didn’t know about that blog until now. it’s officially been added to our blogroll at the bottom.


  3. Lizzie said

    Garretlives! I love his blog and his pictures! And the man’s got his own style.

  4. pumpkin said

    i particularly enjoy the matchymatchy pic of garret and his twinsy of a grandma in matching yellow sweaters.

  5. Dana said

    Check out my blog:

    I take street style photos mostly on Capitol Hill and I also write about restaurants and fashion news.

    I love 21arrondissement. What talent! I just recently discovered that too.

  6. Here we are! We are happy to step into the spotlight! Those who followed Pike/Pine, update your bookmarks! We have faithful viewers in over 50 countries! We aren’t going ANYWHERE, and are devoted to bringing you the best that Seattle has to offer!

    – 21arrondissement.blogspot.com

  7. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  8. pumpkin said

    aw shucks, thanks!

  9. Le 21ème said

    You know that last post was a spammer…right?

    – le 21ème

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