ticket giveaway: three mile pilot

July 20, 2009

it’s about that time when we give YOU free tickets to a show at neumos.



tonight… three mile pilot will be rocking the pike corridor.

if you’ve never heard of these folks, here are some video clips of what they sound like. and here’s an account of what they’re all about:

San Diego’s Three Mile Pilot is perhaps best known to the indie rock world at large for supplying key personnel to Touch & Go buzz band the Black Heart Procession. Still, they spent much of the ’90s near the forefront of a surprisingly active local indie scene. Three Mile Pilot made their mark with distinctively moody, bass-centered arrangements (in fact, they started out with no guitar at all) and a prog rock aesthetic that often resulted in long, winding, multi-sectioned song structures. Their abrupt shifts in key, rhythm, and volume earned them comparisons to math rockers like Slint and Don Caballero, but their poppier moments were more akin to the Pixies or Nirvana.

l_6bbbd90faeb947268183afac6311a9c1the deets:

for the win:

  • email captothehill@gmail.com and we’ll hook you up with two free tix.

…and if these san diegans aren’t your scene, there’s always the monday usual.


One Response to “ticket giveaway: three mile pilot”

  1. Eugene said

    I would love a couple of tickets to this, and hey – It’s my Birthday 🙂

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