calling all contributors…

July 19, 2009

1 coor

as we have made very clear, four of us are working on what may just be the best gosh darn party ever!

and as we have stressed earlier, perhaps not enough, this party is to honor what the hill has been, what it is now and how much it means to all of-whatever that may mean to you….that being said this party isn’t for captothehill, it isn’t for my friends, it isn’t for the things we talk about about on here all too often.

this party is being thrown to honor all of you and everything good, bad and ugly cap hill possesses while paying a tribute to the block that gave a face to a community so many of us/we belonged to…

naturally, we can’t do this alone…we WANT you to contribute -but only if you feel inspired to…otherwise we just want your ass to be there on AUGUST 20th to party your butt cheeks off.

our request:

if you are interested in helping us out on an individual, commercial, artistic level please e-mail us at and i will provide my contact information so you can dive right in.

this week there are a lot of things up in the air, so clear cut answers aren’t happening…but if you work or are affiliated with a past or present cap hill business, community group, art group,  band, store, restaurant, bar…etc hit us up!

One Response to “calling all contributors…”

  1. dflat said

    Who did that artwork? Brings back a lot of good/fuzzy/unreal memories

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