big ass party…

July 16, 2009

our lives, and by ours i mean yours and mine, just got waaay fuckin’ cooler. we’re throwing a giant party in august and there is no way you are gonna wanna miss this. i know we talk shit, but this is not a joke-you are def gonna make this a priority.

you obviously remember this little section of heaven that was so violently ripped out of our hands:

old corridor

here’s a little preview of what we are doing in remembrance….


this will involve you. and you. and you….

we’ll keep ya posted, kiddos.

4 Responses to “big ass party…”

  1. piojin said

    well, I’m definitely intrigued by this!

  2. Callie said

    Oh shit!

  3. stachetastic said

    and by you and you and you, you mean me? Any new info on dates?

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