quinn’s protest

July 3, 2009

this happens once a month, yes we are slow, but we are finally addressing it. not gonna lie-i have eaten at quinn’s only twice in my life and i hold these passionate protesters as the reason i went in a second time….

(thanks to ryebread for the pix…)



right now happening on capitol hill: a protest outside of quinn’s against foie gras. we wont tell you our opinion or pick  a side and just let you make your own decisions. so here’s a little something from both sides of the story:

if you want to learn more about what “foie gras” is check out there site stopforcefeeding.com. the site explains it as this: ““Foie gras,” literally fatty liver, is a disease marketed as a delicacy. It is the liver of a duck or goose who has been force fed to the point where his liver is over 10 times its normal size. Only male ducks are used, and females are discarded by the industry.”

the quinn’s staff  put out watermelon and other snacks for the protesters and also donate 10% of all sales to a charity of choice every “foie gras friday” which happens the first friday of each month. this week the donation will be going to aids alliance. here are pictures of quinn’s rebuttal to the picketers:



ok, i know we said we wouldn’t take a side, but just a simple observation…

p.s. the protesters wore clothing from both hollister  and adidas, two companies which have been under attack for there use of sweatshops.

p.s.s. support local business!


2 Responses to “quinn’s protest”

  1. Josh said

    It’s extremely distasteful that Quinn’s is donating to AIDS as a way to piss off foie gras protesters. I suppose to the malicious and greedy, any non-profit cause is just a funny joke.

  2. Rachel L said

    I LOVE how you pointed out the sweat-shop produced clothing the protesters were wearing. Mainly for the fact that last week I made the resolution I would interrupt the annoying canvassers downtown if they approach me for money for the children/rainforest/etc to ask them about their clothing choices. Cannot say you are “trying to save the world” if you are feeding into the vicious cycle of sweatshop and coercive labor methods in the first place!

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