pride and no prejudice

July 1, 2009



king of pop

R.I.P. M.J.

so i’m finally getting back to normal after this past weekend’s events. this year’s pride had a strange twinge of sadness to it on account of our king of pop’s death, but that did not stop the deubachery from going on as planned. between shots and beer, and sporadic laments over mj’s death, not to mention his timeless songs blasting from most bars….the weekend ended up being sort of a blur.

this year’s celebration was especially significant being that it was the 40th anniversary of the stonewall riots in greenwhich village, new york. to those who don’t know, it was the first time that gays stood up for their right to party so to speak. imagine: a group of drag queens, overpowering the new york police department! luckily no fighting here on the hill, but here we go with some photo documentation of what did go down.

cardboard cut out

she was awesome

hot gays

kitty kat

bus stop gays


carpe noctum

emo hair

dj with beads

straight people!


walking kids



tounge out

paint that shit gold!

air gutair

whats going on?

bus stop kids

kids on street

absolute pride

working hard


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