we’re all gonna die…

June 6, 2009

live up everday as if you’re gonna blow up on your way to work tomorrow….

why? here’s why

apparently kim jong ill ain’t so fond of cheap booze, fun times and good people.

meh, fuck it. 

One Response to “we’re all gonna die…”

  1. Dee said

    that link was nothing newsworthy. so everyone in downtown Seattle would be instantly vaporized in the event of a nuclear attack?
    …well, yeah. the same would be true in l.a. or san francisco. we’re no more likely to see the white light here than anywhere else.

    i grew up in D.C. hearing this sort of fear-mongering incessantly.
    it used to give me tummy aches, now it just makes me realize that we like to have an excuse to buy ever-bigger guns.

    ALTHOUGH: if i were kim jong ill, i’d be kinda jealous, too (:

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