neumos turns 5!

June 4, 2009


so, if your a guy like me there’s always a night that ends up a little crazier than expected, which may or may not result in leaving your card open come stumble home time.

let’s pretend you’re exactly like me: you walk into that same bar the following night, after work, expecting to take care of business and then mosey on home.

(remember, you’re still me) you get convinced to sit down and have one drink… which ends up being 5..or 11…shots don’t really count as drinks, right?

but this story isn’t my unquenchable thirst for hard cider, it is about neumo’s free (!) 5 year anniversary party.

the dirt: walk into moe bar(soon) order a drink and ask for a ticket to the anniversary party. you’ll be hooked up with a free concert ticket to see the helio sequence on june 18th for the neumo’s birthday bash. it’s that easy. everyone loves stuff for free, but just don’t forget to leave your moe bar hottie bartender a good tip.


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