‘old school frozen custard’ is open, thank god

June 2, 2009

the battle royale of summer treats is here. after waiting months for the damn place to open, old school frozen custard on pike has finally opened their doors. and being the fat kid that i am i went. alone. 

custard gone

let me get straight to the goods. i choose the chocolate, over the vanilla and mountain berry, and was not disappointed. that shit was amazing! the scoop was big and for only 170 calories it blows molly moon’s fat ass outta the water. 

the best part about old school frozen custard is that they have a different special every day! some of the gems this month include kahlua chip, tiramisu and hawaiian coconut. uhhhh, and it is only one block from my house. i’m going everyday. done deal. 

with a topping the scoop ran to 4 bucks and let me tell ya, i was totally satisfied. and if you don’t want custard they serve coffee, milkshakes, sundaes and HOT DOGS of all varieties. 

i almost licked the bio-degradable recycled plastic bowl it was so good. i couldn’t even stop eating to take a picture of it-hence the empty cup. oops.

p.s. i know chs scooped me again, but i actually went as well. so there. 


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