two for tea?

May 11, 2009

nah, just for one. me. 

remedy teas

with summer on the way, i decided my partying ways should go on hiatus for just a moment. why not take a mental health month to prep for a ferocious summer? the mind, body and soul are already patting me on the back. 

and with this new wave of rejuvenation in my life i have been forced to seek out new establishments-ones that don’t embody the notion of getting shitfaced-leading me to remedy teas on 15th ave. the urge to check it out has been with me for awhile, but not until recently have i had the full motivation to do so. personally, i think tea is a waste of time, but these days who am i to judge? 

remedy teas 2

the place itself almost reminds me of a salon just because it is so fricken’ clean! the space is over the top modern-not at all like so many of the cozy coffee shops i would normally set up camp in. the lime green walls and silver metal chairs pop. it feels sorta like being in an ipod commercial. overall, its a happy place, so don’t come waltzing in expecting to wallow in your own self pitty here. it won’t fly. 

and the tea. wowza! now, i’m no connoisseur in the tea world, but with over 150 options i was very impressed. the tea menu goes into details about each blend specifically, explaining what is in it and what it does for you. with options like mo’ rockin’ mint and precious eyebrows you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy….

i opted for a tea smoothie. a good choice for a warm day. i choose the chai soother. and excellent decision i must say. it was spicy, but fresh and full of caffeine. perf. 

remedy teas 3

if you think you can handle the perkiness of place that feels like ikea on crack, you could really love remedy teas. with all the coffee on the hill,  a good alternative like this is golden. they provide wi-fi and have a small food menu to curb a craving. 

i suggest sitting outside to avoid the all too sanitary environment. check out the stranger’s review here

thanks to san fran annie for the pix via flickr!


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